Small Garden and Cala Lily Care

blakeas(6 OH)July 9, 2004

Hello to all!

I posted this question in the wrong forum and i was directed to this forum. I am relatively new to gardening and i got a question for everyone - My garden is a little patch 4 feet by 4 feet, chock full of begonias with some Cala lilies and begonias mixed in - I planted some yellow cala lillies earlier in May - And they did very well for awhile, now I am losing stalks - the leaves turn yellow and they die - What do you think that is from? I know it could be various things - I planted them in with Begonia and Gerberas - Could that be the problem? I went to the store and got some insecticial soap and have been using that but that seems not to help. I look at the base of the plant and i dont see any issues - I mulch all around the plant. Any suggestions?

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lisa455(z9 LA)

I think the yellow varieties are hard to grow. I had planted the yellow calla lilies a few years ago and they did not survive. I think that they do not like to be as wet as the white ones and I think they are not as hardy and I think the wet Louisiana summers were too much. I think they also go dormant, which might be your problem. Gerbera daisies and begonias like a lot of water so this location might be too much water for the yellow ones. The white ones would be much better. The plain white ones that are available at garden centers do beautifully where I live. Mine are in a protected location for about 3 years now - behind some liriope and Indian hawthorne and under some ligustrum close to my house on a western exposure in part sun and good soil. They stay basically evergreen about 12 - 18 inches tall and bloom in early spring. I had them more exposed before I moved them where they are now and before they froze to the ground and never really got more than 6 inches tall or bloomed well. I would suggest trying the white ones if you want to grow calla lilies, because they are easier.

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The calla lilies are supposed to die back after they bloom....*they are a corm.

Don't worry about the leaves. They are collecting the energy now for next seasons blooms. When they are yellowed & falling over, clip them even with the ground.

This is true with all callas regardless of the color. Some will keep their leaves, but it is not a problem for the leaves to die. Mine have died back completely for the last several years & I get blooms every spring!
The begonias & gerbers should be fine there as well.

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I recently moved to a new home in Southern CA and have inherited a beautiful garden. I have learned a lot about roses so far and have taken care of for the moment.

Now I am having trouble with my calla lilies. They just bloomed and are absolutely beautiful but the roots are spreading and going into my grass in my back yard. I also have a single plant in the front of the yard that seems to be spreading around a huge tree that I have. A friend said that the calla lilies will destroy the roots of the large tree if I don't do something to prevent the spreading.

Can anyone help? Thanks so much for any and all tips. I have tried searching the web for the answer, but no one seems to talk about this spreading. The plant is about 5 feet tall at the moment. With beautiful red blooms.

I look forward to learning more about calla lilies!


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alpha_fruit(Mayberry RFD)

Question, I have beautiful Calalillies and they come back every year, this year I noticed after the blooms, a HUGH seed pod, what is this seed pod and what can I do with it?

I love my Calalillies.

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I have seed pods also. Can they be planted? There are several in each spent flower. Do I separate them? They are clumped together.

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i have just got my first cala lilie it is yellow. i was wondering if it is okay to plant it just in the ground or if i shoul leave it in the pot that it came in and just set it in the ground? do i have to bring it in when winter comes? thank you

this is my first time writeing i hop i am not sending this twice

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I have brought home a White Cala Lily from my Mother's Funeral. Right now I have it in the house. Do I need to move it out side, & does it need direct sun light ? What do I need to do in order to keep this Plant alive ? As it is Very Special to me. Thank- You.

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

According to The Southern Living Garden Book, "Callas need full sun to partial shade, and regular water during growth and bloom. All Callas, except Aethiopica (the old timey white ones) die to the ground each year in fall and reappear in spring. They need slightly acid soil and regular water during growth and bloom, followed by a resting period in which, ideally, water is withheld. They will tolerate moisture if soil is well drained. They should be planted in fall, 2 inches deep and 8 to 12 inches apart. Leave undisturbed until overcrowding causes a decline in vigor and bloom quality. Elsewhere, plant rhizomes in spring and lift them in fall. The book says they are only hardy in the coastal and tropical south." Of course, our recent winters have been so warm, we've been able to get away with leaving them in the ground through winter.

Just judging by what you have written, it is possible that your bed is overcrowded. Plants need some space. Your begonias and gerberas shouldn't be much closer than one foot apart. All the plants in your bed like full sun to part shade, but with the heat we've been having, they would probably prefer part shade (morning sun, afternoon shade would be ideal).

If I were you, I would wait to see what happens next spring. If they don't return, I recommend that you try the white ones: Zantedeschia Aethiopica. They are more hardy, don't need to be dug in the winter, and are gorgeous and evergreen.

Mine are white ones, with white speckled leaves. I planted them last year and they did fine, but the foliage was pretty ratty looking by the end of summer. I moved them into more shade this spring and they are doing much better. They are blooming for a longer period and the foliage is holding well even in this intense heat we've been having. This could be because of the new location, but it may also just be because they've been in the ground for a year now and have gained size and strength.

The truth is, gardening is always a guessing game. You learn all you can from books and experienced gardeners, but ultimately, you just have to wait and see.

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woodsworm(7a NC)

For more info on callas, see the Aroids Forum. There's lots more good calla info there.

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MegBug(10 SoCal)

I was given a potted calla lily as a gift and kept it in my semi-dark living room for a few months, but once it stopped flowering the leaves kind of folded under on themselves (resembling upside-down taco shells) and then began to flop over...they stayed green but the plant has started to look like a mop. Can I plant it outside?

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Meg, that would depend on where you are (if you are expecting the plant to come back to life next year.) Knowing what zone you are in would enable people to answer this although nature always has the final decision which is sometimes contrary to experience and expectation. You can find your zone here and by including it in your profile info, it will show up next to your name in your posts.

For a new question, it's best to start a new discussion, so you're welcome to do so.

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MegBug(10 SoCal)

purpleinopp -
thanks for the help! i have updated my profile now :-)
i will now start a new thread as well.

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