Need 'send me an email' option put back into registration form.

breenthumbSeptember 22, 2007

Lots of newbies on Houseplant Forum (and most likely all the others) don't have this in their profile.

Checking the "Register Here" form I see there is no longer a mention (or option) to get email from members through GW.

I wanted to give requested info to someone half way through a thread, (not the OP) who is unlikely to ever return to that thread. "Send me an email" would have insured they got the info. Sandy

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)


I see what you mean...nothing on that form b4 hitting submit. I wonder if that might take you to a next page or something. I did not try it...not having an 'extra' email addy to try my theory.

My guess is that after clicking submit there is something else to fill out...if one chooses to. I to see lots of newbies with no email link...but I also see them too with no email link but they do have a garden zone or state abbreviation behind their name.

Here is my 'canned' reply to a lot of newbie traders not set up right.

Welcome to Garden Web!

I thought you might like to know that there is no way to email you they way your preferences are set.

I suggest you go to the bottom of any page here and click on 'Member Pages'.
then Edit Preferences.
Then using the drop down box, set it to show your email addy to Members only.
then check the box to allow others to email you via the forms here at GW. That will place a link on your member page so folks can reach you.

You might also want to (while you are there) fill in your gardening zone, and your state abbreviation.

I for one (and some others too)prefer to trade some things (plants anyway) with members that are maybe 400 miles away, as opposed to 1000-2000 or more. Often if I can't tell where someone is located, I just don't reply to threads started by traders....rather than turning someone down later.

Happy gardening and trading!

Feel free to copy and paste any or all portions of it if you like.


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Chemo, well it seems as though hitting submit should be the end of it but your theory got me curious. Anything's possible lately, even if it doesn't make sense--especially if computers are involved.

So I used my broadband email acct. (which I hate and never use) to register as a member. Two emails came from GW. First one: Welcome to GW. Save this email and use this link to edit your profile.
Second one: Follow link to confirm.

The first one led to the edit page you posted about. (Good idea, by the way. I will use it. Thanks.) But it doesn't seem anyone is actually going there to edit because they have no indication there is more to do there.

As far as the zone & state info, that came up empty the first time I signed in as breen2, so breen2's zone is confusion.

Still think registration needs to be reworked. Sandy

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

breen2's zone...confusion....LMAO...just noticed it behind your name in your post above. is an interesting tidbit too.

I just went to breen2's member page. There is no link to email breen2.

But...did you know if I click on breen2's journal>Send breen2 an email>...I can then see your email addy If I click on the email addy, it will then send from Outlook Express...which I don't even I just copy the addy and paste it and send from my Hotmail account.

So...your setting is set to show addy to members...BUT...the box is not checked to send email via the GW forms.

There are a lot of members set up if they don't have a link and you want to reach them, you might try the above see if you can see their addy.


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Dang! Interesting that's in my journal. I never created a journal. Must happen automagically. Good to know there may be another way to email though. Its not something I would normally even do, but could be helpful like the info. I wanted to send.

That rochester.rr acct. is such a pain I never go there. Must have had to sign in about 5 times just to use it for this. Not user friendly. Thanks for the info. Sandy

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Everyone has the Journal link...whether they use it or not.

It is strange that the email addy is shown there, if the member chooses to show it to members, but doesn't check the box to rec emails via GW. Probably a snaffu left over from the old Spike days.

just my guess.

I think in time newbies learn the best setting to be reachable, for trading purposes anyway.


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