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We know that GardenWeb is a unique and special place. But, we'd love to hear what makes it so special for you and how you came to be a part of our community. Were you searching for ideas for a kitchen reno? Did you meet someone at a plant swap? Tell us how you found us and how you've been helped - we love feel-good stories! Want to do a shout-out to a particular member or forum? Now's the time!

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Several years ago, at least six, I wanted to search for a red African Violet. I found advice given on this forum that I followed. I was so impressed with the brevity of the replies and the accuracy. I sent for several of the cultivars mentioned. That search eventually helped to kindle a stronger interest in raising African Viiolets. I find the people to be very, very helpful, thoughtful, and full of expert advice. It is an easy to use forum. I read all of the older postings on the topic.

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I joined the forum as my user name says at age74 in 2001! I was new to shade gardening and needed some help. ( I grew up in So.Calif. and did very little gardening there.) In Oregon I ended up with a grove of trees and no idea where to start. The forum was a great place to get help and I was on my way. I love Hosta and all the companions. Now my problem is Arthritis, so I am very limited on what I can do, but I still love my shade garden, have some good help and do what I can. And check into the forum every day and belong to Hallsons. Great bunch of people these gardeners!!

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I found Gardenweb around 2001, and it's been a source of inspiration, information, and comraderie ever since.

I frequented the "Landscape Design", Trees, Shrubs, Roses, and Lawns forums as I was installing my landscaping, and currently, the "African Violets" forums is a point of interest.

I've always found the forums to peopled by friendly, helpful, and often quite opinionated souls who, like me, get some kind of kick out of growing green things.

It is such a haven from the "Ho hum" response I usually experience when trying to have the same type of "gardening" interchange with other important people in my life.

Along with other online sites, Gardenweb has been a godsend to me.

Thanks for being a part of providing that ...

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I joined about 2 years ago while planning a kitchen renovation. I had just finished a bath (or was working on a bath? Time is a little fuzzy during the reno years) and noticed GW was consistently both near the top of my search results and often provided the most relevant information. So I started seeking out GW threads first. The culture was much more helpful and friendlier than many other places. So with much work ahead of me, I joined and started posting! And now that I'm down to the last finishing touches, I'm still here, helping others where I can. I hang out mostly in Kitchens, Bath, and Appliances, and it seems like there is a solid core of knowledgeable people that hang out there, and they welcome anyone that wants to stick around and share their experience with those earlier on in the process.

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I love it for ideas and inspiration. But right now I'm not loving the various new backgrounds that obscure the posts somewhat. The snowflakes weren't quite as bad as the snowy trees. Black letters on dark trees aren't the easiest to read. Please just put your background on top and in the margins! Function over form in this case....

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I was always searching for new decorating forums since I was so totally into 'doing' my home as well as helping others. Even your best of friends doesn't necessarily share all your interests, so the next best thing was finding the comaraderie on line. When I'm on a hunt I'm usually good at finding something........ and that's how I got here. ;)

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