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mowmowgreen(z7 GA)July 26, 2005

Hey, I ran across this website,, that has several plants I'm looking for. What stood out is that their prices are extremely low compared to other online nurseries. I'm wondering if it's too good to be true. Does anyone have any experience dealing with them?


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southern_bell_la(z8 LA)

beware of this company . they have far more negative feedback than postitive on garden watchdog. garden watchdog is a site you can review customer feedback on plants purchased from hundreds of different nurseries across the country. check it out.

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mowmowgreen(z7 GA)

Thanks for the heads up.

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I would take the ratings posted on sites like The Garden Watchdog with a very large grain of salt as they take no responsibility in verifying the comments posted (especially given recent events with this particular site). I have purchased from directgardening with repeatedly satisfactory results.

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I spent over $100 from direct gardening and recieved mostly dead plants and, tiny, tiny I mean tiny bulbs that were supposed to be tulips, hyacinths, lilies and more (when I called to question the size, they said "oh, bulbs don't have to be large to produce large flowers". This was last fall, now its spring and I have nothing but alot of wasted money and time. Sure, they say you can return the merchandise within a year (IF YOU CAN FIGURE OUT WHERE YOU PUT IT IN YOUR GARDEN AND IF YOU HAVE THE LUXURY OF TIME. AND OF COURSE, YOU MUST HAVE THE ORIGINAL PACKAGE AND SLIP THAT EVERYTHING CAME WITH). Don't use this company, they are not interested in your satisfaction. Home Depot does a better job!!!

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If you want good plants at good prices, try Bluestone Perennials. Their plants are fairly small, but they are healthy and grow well. You can check them out on too. Given a choice between a nursery with negative reviews when one with positive reviews is available, I'd go with the positive.

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I ordered plants from this company. They go by a lot of different names.

They wasted no time charging my credit card. After 3 weeks, I contacted them to see if my order had shipped and was told it had not been shipped. I told them to just cancel my order and refund my money. They said they would, but the refund never came. Twice more, I contacted them and asked that my money be refunded. Each time they said the refund was being processed. It's been weeks now since they agreed to refund my money and I still haven't gotten the refund and don't expect to ever get it if I wait on them to do it. I'm now having to file a dispute with my credit card company to get my money back.

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Never ever buy anything from them! They are just waste your money and time and feelings.You can get nothing!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello. We finally made it to our new property in Tennessee after going way around to avoid the floods. I have two questions for the lacal gardeners. There are little strawberry looking things with no flavor to them all over my land. Will they cross breed with the everbearing strawberries that I started and carefully nurtured and produce other tasteless berries? Also can anyone tell me what to do about the baby termites that are all over the neighbors undeveloped land and are crossing the driveway to my place? We have some mature apple and pecan trees here and I am afraid we will lose those and anything else we plant due to this. We can't afford to spray their place too so if there is anything I can do I will be forever gratefull for some answers. Since you all gave me good advice about the heat and rocklike ground here I am hoping for some help.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

The 'strawberries' are called Mock Strawberries and will NOT cross with real strawberries. They are considered a true pest in some location.

As for the termites...I'm having a hard time believing that ID. Perhaps you should scoop some up and take them to your local extension office for identification. OR, if you can get some good images, post them here.

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I think I said that before: the Direct Gardening sell plants with wrong identification, that's my biggest problem with them. I bought an "almond" that grew into a peach and a "Chinese chestnut" that grew into a Lithocarpus. In both cases the leaves are very similar to what you think you are buying so years pass before you figure out what it really is. I wonder how many people out there are caring for plants they hope will one day grow into what they want not realizing it is a scam. Sad.

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Ordering from Direct Gardening you need to understand:
1. It takes time because of WEATHER condition. Plants can be shipped only in fall and spring, depending where it comes from and where. It can be 100 on west coast and snow on east coast.
2. They send plants in DORMANT condition, which means that it is a stick with bare roots. It takes time to plant to bounce back to life.
3. They require ORIGINAL SHIPPING LABLE for replacement of dead plants. It stated on their website, order form, e-mail order confirmation and invoice. It is their POLICY. What is the big deal to save this green bag with shipping labels on them?
4. They send some planted plants in pots, they are small usually 1-2 years old and it is clearly disclosed on their website, but people tend to overlook the description focusing on picture of adult plant. If you want big tree, buy at local nursery for lots more money.
Plants dies from good and bad nurseries, it is nature of the business. Same with seeds, no one gives you 100% germination rate.

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Maybe you should look at the Illinois BBB website and see what others think of Direct Gardening and all it's other aliases. If you are happy with them, that's great for you, but there are a lot of people who feel they were scammed.

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Direct Gardening. com Moved to new property last fall.. wanted to get head start with roses and lily. Ordered from Direct Gardening as they were only ones with fall delivery. Order came... should have returned it at that time! Lilies in plastic bag literally were rotting. Been planting roses for 40 years. Never seen such poor quality roses... like a sucker I planted them and prayed. Guess what-- all ten dead as a door nail this spring... ALL of them. Appears that other folks have had negative experiences with this operation. The bureaucracy of their "guarantee" is enough for one to say "forget it" ... my time is more valuable than the receipt of a new order of roses from DIRECT GARDENING... appears this is a shady operation from 2006.... "let the consumer beware" .... This company needs a -ZZZ rating by the Better Business Bureau.

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The worse company ever!! A scam!!
I ordered some bougainvillea's and I got 4 little twigs (for $ 8 more I could have bought them at Lows). I planted following their directions and they never developed , not one leave.!!. A few months ago I requested a replacement and still waiting.
I had another order of plants, I called them to find out why I didn't get a delivery and I was told I had to wait another 2 weeks. I requested to cancel the order. I was told they couldn't do it because the system would not allow that I will have to wait to receive the package and then follow their procedure for returning merchandise.
This cost me another $10 for sending the plastic bad back. I'm waiting to see if they refund the money. They are a bunch of crooks!! Never again will buy from Direct Gardening.

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I urge you people! Do not buy any plants from Direct Gardening!!!
All their plants that they sale will be extremely weak or dead. I purchased bunch of plants for amount of $180 and nothing was good in my order. During one year warranty period I requested to replace me entire order. That process took so much time (about 3 month). Finally, I received my replacement yesterday and again - nothing was good. All bulbs are dead and roses with broken branches and dry roots. I received my replacement in the much worth condition.
I will never use them again!!!
People, don't make a mistake as I did !!!!
If you need a plants - go to the store and by from LOWES or The Home Depot. At least you will see what you are buying.

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