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Greenbud(8a)December 13, 2013

I'd like to see a Tomato review forum, different thread for each variety, with an extensive standard set of questions to answer, ie location of garden city/state/zone? from seed or plant? where obtained? date planted? How many hours of sun? How was plant trained? What sort of fertilizer?, What sort of watering schedule? How close were plants? Weather conditions? pests and problems? Amount of harvest? Quality of tomatoes?etc... plus additional comments, but keeping chatter on related and unrelated subjects to a minimum. WHat made me think of this was when I was looking for information on a specific tomato, the search bringing up over a hundred different threads, probably a thousand different posts which I have looked through, and still have not found out specific information, only comments in passing. This would be a more cut and dried forum for comparison study.

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