Need help pruning a potato bush

vermont07(z4 VT)January 18, 2005

We have a potato bush (Paraguay nightshade) in our Arizona yard. Since we like a natural look, we have let this bush grow for two years and it has definitely got out of bounds.

How severely can I prune it and is there any way I can do this without it ending up as a rounded ball which would not look good in a natural setting. It's a beautiful bush with lovely flowers. Also, when is it best to prune this bush since it tends to flower year 'round?


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ddiverblue(Z9 AZ)

Hi Barb! I don't know where in AZ you are, but I just pruned mine down a bit. I like to keep the natural shape. No gumdrops for me! LOL! I don't prune it down to a nub. I just prune off the parts that got frost damaged. The hummingbirds love these bushes! Just prune out what you feel looks good. They aren't picky, and are one of the most beautiful plants we have. Don't be afraid to prune. Whatever you do will be fine.

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vermont07(z4 VT)

Thanks for the encouragement. This bush has gone 6 feet in all directions in Phoenix soil. If some stems are pruned back to one foot, would they sprout from that? I think it needs a heavy pruning but don't want it to be a skeleton.


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Can anyone advise me on how much to prune long leafy branches of my potato bush. My plant is not a trained tree but a sprawling bush. I would like to encourage flowering before the season ends in October. I live in northern California. Thanks.

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I live in Laveen, AZ, and tried growing the potato bush. It grew for a few weeks and then died. Before one died completely outdoors, I transplanted it and brought it inside hoping for the best. OK for a bit, but no luck.

What area of your yard is it growing in? I hate to keep spending money on these plants if they're not happy here!

We have irrigation at our place, and, since the label said full sun, I grew it on the west side of the yard. I have a new flower bed done on the SE corner, where it will get shade from our huge cottonwood trees, maybe this is better?

Any help on this? Thanks,


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