Carolina Jasmine - To Prune or Not to Prune

ddrinsp(z9 TX)August 29, 2006

Have 2-year old Carolina Jasmine (6 feet tall - 4 feet diameter) planted on trelis; receives full sun. older leaves turned brown and died although there is alot of new growth at top. Probably from our extremely hot summer here on the Texas Gulf Coast, although I water deeply once a week. Question - should I cut back this fall or just prune the unsightly branches? This is my first attempt at Carolina Jasmine. Thanks

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The vine is very hardy & would probably appreciate the trim. It will come back even thicker & stronger next spring. It might benefit too from a shot of fertilizer when the new growth starts then. Aren't the yellow trumpets exquisite?

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wannab(8b & 4a)

We have ours growing over an unused mail box. After a few years it became very large and all the inside was dead. We pruned it down tot he two main stalks, and the next fall it was beautiful again. I think unless they are allowed to like grow up a tree, they tend to die out on the in side of the "clump" So go ahead and prune They love it.

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sunshinenc(z7 NC)

I know this thread is very old, but I was searching for how/when to trim my Jasmine.. It also is about 6-7 ft tall on a trellis.. I messed up and cut mine early this spring, and I guess cut most of the blooms off, so it only bloomed near the bottom on the old wood. I realize now I should wait till Fall to trim, but I want to do a massive trim.. can I cut this down, all the way to where it is only 1-2 ft tall? Any input much appreciated, I don't want to kill it, but would love to cut way down and let it start over as it is just too big for the area, and the bottom stems are up to 1 1/2" in diameter now. Thank you!

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My Carolina Jasmine is 12 years old,10 feet high, and attached to a stucco wall. The wall needs painting and I need to know if it will harm the plant to go ahead, in July, and cut it down to about 12 inches, so that the wall can be painted. Over the years, we have cut it almost to the ground during the fall and it seems to thrive on it.
Thanks for any help!

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I haven't received a confirmation number for my order placed 10/28

George Perry

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So glad to read this thread. I bought two last year when they were dirt cheap! They are still in pots and will be transplanting into their forever home this spring.

When is the best time to plant?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Fall would have been an ideal time to plant, but you can stick them in the ground almost anytime in your area. North Carolina, zone 7, right? Whatever you do, don't wait for the weather to warm up too much.

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