how far apart to plant Podocarpus?

susannah_greengirlJanuary 28, 2008

I'm planting a screen of either Podocarpus gracilior or henkelii. I have 14 feet of space. Should I plant them 2-3 feet apart? This is in Southern California a few miles from the beach. It seems like a lot of these trees used for hedges are planted very close together.

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I don't know enough about henkelii but have seen gracilior around. In my thinking Podocarpus macrophylla or Podocarpus alpinus are much better all around plants.

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im pretty sure the cultivar "maki" is the podocarpus most commonly used for hedging?

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I'm in LA and there are many striking henkeilii hedges used with modern contmeporary homes and I think they look amazing. I'm planting my Henkelii's today and will space them no more than 2 feet across.

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