Overwintering of plants

sparklplenty_tn(6b)August 25, 2005

I have some ferns in pots on the front porch as(lantana)that I am not sure can survive in my zone (6b). The in ground plants I just planted this spring,and I lost the tag. I have a safe room in my basement that would be dark the majority of the time. I thought I could cut everything back, and put it in the safe room, watering periodically. I have successfully done this with a shamrock plant. Has anyone else ever tried this and have it be successful

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opal52(z7b GA)

I have several large hanging baskets of boston ferns which live outside during the summer. I tried overwintering them in a spare room in our house which has minimal light (one small window). I watered them about once a week. They made it, but looked pretty rough by the following spring. Took a long time for them to recover and fill out to look nice. Last year, before first frost, I cut them back to about 8-10", and stored them under our house. I had added florescent lights to test overwintering several of our plants that otherwise would have to come indoors. We have a brick home and the temps under our house never go below 55-60 degrees. I watered once a week or less during winter. I started watering more frequently around February and they filled back out nicely by the time I put them out this spring. This is just my experience, but I think they do best with good light even in winter. I'm not sure they will make it with little to no light.

Hope this helps.

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Maryl zone 7a

Some ferns (like the common Boston Fern) really are "ever growing" plants. In other words they don't have a dormant or down time. That means they need light constantly. I overwinter mine in my unheated garage (which has windows in the garage door). By spring they will have lost about 1/2 their foliage and look pretty ratty. However after dividing them and giving them new potting soil, they will bounce back in a month or two. Although I wouldn't swear to it, I think your Shamrock plants are actually bulbs that do have a dormant phase, so you couldn't compare their needs to an evergreen plant.

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