Help starting Cuphea (bat face plant)

lextra(z6b, SE MO)August 24, 2004

I'm having problems getting starts from my bat-face Cuphea plant. I've tried cuttings in sand, perlite/sand mix, straight potting soil and just far nothing happening. I bought it in June and couldn't keep enough water on it in the pot so I plunked it down in my red clay (with all the dirt from the pot)in full Southern exposure and it's never missed a beat...blooms like crazy but I know it will never make the winter here. I plan to dig it up and bring it in for the winter but just in case it's not happy I wanted some starts (plus all my friends and family want some too!) Could the problem be that it's blooming? (the little sucker never stops!) Also how long does to take for them to root? Maybe I'm not waiting long enough...If anyone knows how to start these please let me know...

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serenoa(z8b, FL)

I have rooted dozens of cuttings of this plant in perlite under mist. You could probably have similar results with cuttings stuck in a well-drained potting soil under a jar. Lately, I have substituted liter coke bottles inverted with the top cut off. A short slit in the side makes them fit in a 4" container. Keep the cuttings in a shady spot so the sun does not cook them. I don't remember the length of time for roots, but I would guess about three weeks.

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lextra(z6b, SE MO)

Thanks Serenoa...I have the mister but was trying sand..I'll switch to perlite and try again. I'm going to try the coke bottle again, too. I think I waited about two weeks and pulled it off...just a little impatient, don't cha know!

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