jacobinia question

southern_bell_la(z8 LA)August 9, 2005

i've been admiring this plant on line . i'm wondering does anyone have any success or failure stories they would like to share. i'm trying to be more responsible with my plant choices and am wondering if they are really perennial in zone 8 and is there any special care they require. any info would be greatly appreciated.


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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

I live in Jacksonville, Florida, and bought this one in a pint-size container! Three years later, look at her! She is about 4-5 foot tall. Yeah, she freezes back a little if it gets really cold, but once the root system is established, they come back bigger each year. I have never covered her in winter. No special care or watering except for a handful of fertilizer a couple times a year (what all the shrubs get).

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Do not know where you live,but here in the Houston area mine grow year around.I must have 40 or more of the pink ones.They root very easy I just got a couple of cuttings and everyone who sees them wants some.Mine have never froze back,but our winters are not to cold.Jessie

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love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)

Jessiep is right about easy to root cuttings. I have done it many times, too.

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My mature jacobinia plant has grown spindly at the bottom and bushy at the top. How (and when) can I prune it to keep it full, top to bottom?

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I live in Milton Florid and would like a Jacobinia Tree in purple , anyone have any clippings ?

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