Bird-friendly Screening Shrubs

barbara340August 22, 2009

I have just purchased a home that has chain-link fencing in the backyard. I would like to plant a screening-type shrub along one side since my neighbor has a large swimming pool. Is there something that I can plant that will also be bird-friendly and stay under 10'? Something that I could leave 'natural' would also be nice since I won't be able to get on the back side of it to trim.

Thanks for any help!


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How about ilex verticulata or ilex vomitoria. These have berries in winter that the birds love.

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Wax myrtle makes a great screen.

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Tea Olive or Camellias

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chapelhillgardener(7a NC OrangeCo)

I second the wax myrtle suggestion.
Fast grower, deer resistant, evergreen, and birds
love the berries. I read somewhere that
it attracts 42 species of birds.

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