to prune or not to prune

LouiesGarden14January 19, 2013

I have 3 young fruit trees I planted in March of last year. An apple, nectarine, and a plum. They all have done very well, but now are dormant. My question is a two part. One, is it too soon to prune these trees, should I wait until they get a little older? If it's not too soon, how should I prune them? Any and all suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.

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Nectarine tree

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Plum tree

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weldontx(z 8a TX)

'I See you've had no responses. Too bad. From what I can see the trees need what I call "clean up " pruning. Nothing major, just take out crossing limbs, crowded, downward growing, and sucker limbs. I learned something this year about my young apples that I planted late last winter. Apples produce better on horizontal growth than on vertical growth. Google limb spreaders and read the info that you find there. Do you have an apple that does not need a pollinator? If not, a second apple of a different variety will increase yield. Check with someone to find out which variety is a better pollinator for the one that you have. Good luck... Successful pruning.

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The pruning recommendations are not the same for all fruit trees. Yes, you should prune to control the shape of the tree. For specific information, try the Dave Wilson Nursery website. They have a wealth of information about growing fruit trees.

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