Still Indian Summer here!

kathy9norcalOctober 21, 2011

It has stayed comfortably warm and the roses are very happy. Here are some more photos. I am certainly not looking forward to the inevitable cold and rain!

Black Magic loves to bloom. It lasts well, too.

Joshua Bradley, not so many blooms but they last well.

Ingrid Bergman, lots of long-lasting big blooms

Jean Giono

Crimson Bouquet--good bloomer, lasts very well

Silver Star, lots of blooms, not so long-lasting--great color, though

another Vavoom--I love the light in this photo

Mon Cheri--sweet smelling, a favorite. A Valentine's present from my valentine.

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inga007(Ont. 6a)

OOOOh-Aaaaah. You have me almost, drooling here. Lovely photos, The silver star is outstanding. Thanks for sharing.

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C Schaffner

I love black magic. It is so velvety and lasts forever.

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TNY78(7a-East TN)

I really like Jean Giorno & Joshia Bradly! I love deep yellow roses...I have an order coming in from Pickering in a couple of weeks (trying the fall planting thing...we'll how that goes!) of a variety of yellows. I'm hoping to find at least a couple that are pretty disease free here in the BS capital of the country! :)

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seil zone 6b MI

A little jealous of your warmth, Kathy, but so glad you posted these lovelies!

Wish my Ingrid had survived and looked like that. And I have to agree with you about Crimson Bouquet, one of my best bloomers this year and the roses do last a long time. I like that Silver Star and I don't have many mauves....hmmm...I feel enabling going on here!

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How does Silver Star last as a cut? I got it this spring as own root; had a few blooms. Mon Cheri is indeed nice.

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I'm with mantis and loooove Silver Star and Mon Cheri. All really lovely and you lucky girl you to have sooo many pretty blooms. Thanks for sharing, Judy

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strawchicago 5a IL(zone 5a)

I love those vivid colors, esp. Silver Star. Thanks for posting those bright colors - I love them!

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