Ouch it's cold outside !!

The_Mohave__Kid(Nevada)January 14, 2007

We are getting a blast of cold air here in Southern Nevada .. has not been this cold in a while .. How about your locality ?

So far ... the plants in my yard are doing OK ... have not been back to work since the cold front moved in and have not had a chance to look around but in my yard are a few borderline plants .. but all look OK .. so far anyway ... Rhus lancea ( African Sumac ) looking very happy ??? .. my Dwarf Oleander are holding out but their may be some leaf margin yellowing starting to develope ... I did come accross a california pepper tree in one yard that looked a bit shaken by the cold but too early to tell if it will develope problems.

My Mexican fan palms look OK so far despite being snowed on a few weeks back. Snow has taken a toll on one of my sumacs .. the weight of the snow took out a large branch and left a nasty wound ... rats.

What's up in your area ???

Good Day ...

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I'm new here - Just posted about it.

We're dealing with the same cold. I have *no idea* what to do about it either, because all I ever thought we'd be dealing with was *burning* plants.

We've lived here for two years and never had a freeze problem - but this year - Ouch! indeed.

We have a lot of Sumac too, ours are still blooming, are yours after the snow? They are really invasive, but still so lovely to look at. They're doing fine after the freeze. Even the little transplanted seedlings I dug up from around the yard are ok.

Everything else that hasn't been here for 20 years is saggy, dying or dead. Even cactus that grew randomly around our yard has had enough this year and are keeling over. It has me really worried. I hope they will come back.

Keep warm :)


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hbell16(8LV NV)

I think I got lucky and only had a few cold casualities. It looks like my pencil plants are dead. They are in pots not in the ground though. They are too big to bring inside or I would have. I also have a lot of damage to my octopus agave. He took a bad beating. All and all everything else did ok. I figured if it can't hack it in this crazy weather of Las Vegas then I don't need to have it in my yard!

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