6-foot North-facing Wall and shade

CD951February 19, 2013

I live in southern California (Riverside County). I have a strip of 70 feet of land along a 6 foot high wooden wall/fence. The strip of land is about 5 feet wide. The fence separates my neighbor and I's tract home/yard. I want to use that area for fruit trees or vegetables. However, Since the wall is north-facing, I am not sure how much sun I will get during different months of the year. Currently in January-February, it has almost no sun on the dirt unless the plant is about at least 4 feet high. I assume sun will be more available during late spring to early Fall. That strip of land is between a 3-foot high retaining wall and my fence with my neighbor. It's like a 3' raised bed against a 6' north facing wall.

Given this, I'd like to grow fruit trees which won't be intrusive to my neighbor or veggies...Any suggestions???

Thanks in advance!

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