Snake ID for Wayne??

DISSmith(z8b SC)August 6, 2006

I live 'bout 20 miles inland from Charleston, SC. Twice this summer I have seen a orangey-brown snake in the pine straw (with a bit a leaf litter) along the foundation of my house. They are about 4 ft long, medium thickness, no distinct pattern, and they ran away too fast to see what shape the head was or to photograph. Both times they ran under the porch. I don't really care what it actually is, long as it's not dangerous to my Scottish Terrier, who wouldn't have the sense to stay away!

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The color, size and speed, sound a lot like an Eastern Coachwhip Snake (which is harmless). Usually Eastern Coachwhips on the east coast are darker by the head than the tail and are orangey-tan over anywhere from 2/3 to most of their body.

By the description that would be my guess. If you do get a picture (it doesn't have to be high quality or a close-up) I can confirm that for sure. In any rate, it doesn't sound like anything venomous or dangerous to a Scottish Terrier.

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DISSmith(z8b SC)

I looked it up in some Google images and if there are times when the darker color toward the head is not so noticeable, then that must be what it was. (My getting a photo is unlikely since I tend to not think clearly when I encounter a snake. ;> )
Thanks Wayne!

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