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diddlydooAugust 6, 2006

I have some yellow mums in my front yard. I always thought they were more Fall flowers. I'm new to home ownership and they just popped up about a month ago. Now they look dead and divided and not held together very good. They just don't look pretty anymore. What do I do with them? Dig them up and replace with fresher looking one in the Fall? Cut them back?

Should I take weed eater to them and plant something else there? I hate to have them so upgly looking in front yard.

Thanks for help guys!

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You need to trim them back so they can put on new growth for the fall. Mums that have been left in the ground in SC, with a warm winter, will bloom in the Spring. If they are trimmed before the bloom, they bush out and bloom in the fall.

Yours will probably bloom again, but not as much as they would have if they had been trimmed earlier.

Good Luck

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Thanks for the info. Agnes. I had to go to Lowes today to get a water hose and I asked the master gardener about the mums and he said I could still cut them back now and it wasn't too too late. He did say it's better to do this earlier, but I'll know better for next year. Darn! :-) I have so much to learn yet.

Anyway, I came home tonight from work and cut about 10 of them down so hopefully they'll come back out and bloom in the fall.

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I also have a mum question! I purchased several colors last year and planted around my back lawn. I had yellows, purples but they all came back this year as a deep gold and i had one come out as yellow. Am I crazy or do mums migrate to a common color? Thanks for your answers!


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