Attractive Vine for Lattice facing East

sandiego.gardnerFebruary 1, 2012

Photo 1: A full view of my recent addition of a seven level waterfall. Notice lattice at top center.

Photo 2: Closer view of small deck and lattice. Deck faces East. This photo at 3 pm, showing sun now behind the lattice, but full sun until then.

Photo 3: Closeup of planting area behind deck. Note the ivy in the left.

Now the questions...

1. I'd like a climber that will eventually fill up this lattice work. At the bottom of the hill is a new pergola where I just planted two Carolina Jasmine with yellow blooms, so I want something different for this lattice. Some ideas of what to plant please...

2. The ivy is invading from the neighbor's yard. I can cut it back or leave it alone. I'm thinking I should cut it back. Yes??

3. You see in photo 3 that I hav a thin area where I can up to about 8 inches of potting soil or whatever. How best to prep this area?

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Either Cat Claw or Morning Glory should do well there. The Cat Claw is hardier, but the Morning Glory will give more contrast to the ivy. Cat Claw is very water thrifty when established, and can make a nice, lush 'mat'. Morning Glory is not so lush or hardy, but good enough, and very lovely.

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How about a butterfly vine? It's evergreen and produces little flowers in the spring and the interesting "butterfly" seedpods.

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