Ducks eating Setcreasea or Tradescantia

DISSmith(z8b SC)August 8, 2006

Ducks from the nearby pond have developed an appetite for my Setcreasea purpurea/Tradescantia pallida. They were pretty robust plants until the little quackers showed up. Now I'm finding "cuttings' every day. Anyone got any ideas on how to deter my feathered pals from munching the purple stuff? (The plants are in ground, not pots, so I can't just move them out of reach.) Thanks!

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Wire cages? I have never had a duck problem, so this is just a guess. You might want to post this question on the Farm forum. I bet someone over there would know.

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DISSmith(z8b SC)

Good idea re/the farm forum. I tried cayenne pepper which seems to slow 'em down but hasn't stopped them. I did have to put wire around a Hedychium they were nibbling. Thanks for the reply. :)

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Geese are frightened away by orange tagging tape flapping in the breeze. It keeps geese from pooping on your dock. Should work for ducks eating Setcreasea. A dog would look better though.

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Well... Ducks have developed good taste too! ;-]

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DISSmith(z8b SC)

My Scottish Terrier sees the ducks as her pals (several of whom hatched under our front porch) and they aren't scared of her either. I may try the orange tape just right around their favorite salad bar. Otherwise, I like having 'em around. :)

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DISSmith(z8b SC) webbed-footed friends chewed a prized Canna down to a heights of 4", ate a Xanthosoma to the ground, and sheered off half a Colocasia Black Beauty!! I don't have enough cayenne & wire cages. :) Someone told me white vinegar will deter Muscovy ducks. Anyone know if this is true it harmful to plants in any way?

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