Will an iceplant do well here? (Vegas)

venividibitchyFebruary 22, 2011

I loved all of the iceplants I saw growing on sides of the road and on the beach cliffs in San Diego, and would really love to try to grow some here, but I know it's far more arid and we have greater temperature swings....

What do you all think?

I live in USDA 8/Sunset 11.

Elevation: 2,300ft.

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Absolutely! There are many species of iceplant which will grow in your climate --- they just need more supplemental water, but are still quite xeric, and rapid growers. There must be lots of nursery resources in Las Vegas, and loads of on-line ones as well. You probably want to avoid the more cold adapted ones from mountainous regions of South Africa, since they have less heat tolerance.

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please dont plant iceplants,

they are sterile...

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