Does anyone on here grow Heliconias?

sweetannie4u(midOK_z6b/7a)August 24, 2005

I just bought a beautiful Heliconia (False Bird of Paradise) at Lowe's. Just gorgeous! It is related to Banana plants.

Hope someone out there has one and can tell me about them.

From what I have read about they may not bloom in zones colder than z10, because they die back.

I plan on bringing mine inside until next summer. It can sit right next to the gigantic Rubber tree in here. This room is my atrium all winter for many of my tropical plants, so that I can enjoy them when it is cold and nasty out and all my beautiful gardens outside have gone to sleep for the winter.

I would like to hear from anyone on here who may have experience and/or personal knowledge about growing them.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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The flower itself is a tiny yellow thing that sticks up out of the orange bract.
From what I understand, the seeds are large, about the size of bluebird eggs, or bigger. I have seen photos of them. They are a bright Caribbean blue. Wow!
They were much prettier when I first bought it. The hard rains we have been having beat them up, so the edges are a bit ragged now, but still beautiful.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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lac1361(z9a Lake Charles, LA)

If the picture you posted is of the heliconia you have, then it is a Heliconia Psittacorum. It looks like Andromeda. I grow over 25 different heliconia here in southwest Louisiana and all but 4 are in pots. I have been growing heliconia for 6 or 7 years and would be happy to pass along to you what has and hasn't worked for me. They are not the easiest plants to grow. Send me a private email and we can discuss and I'll send back to you a bunch of pictures of mine in bloom. They are my favorite tropicals.


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Hi Steve,

Yes, the two pictures above are of my plant. I took those with my digital. In fact, I have taken many pictues of it. So beautiful! So ancient looking.
I want to learn more about them. I am sure that each variety has it's particular likes and dislikes for soil, moisture, temps, light, & etc., as they are such unique plants.
How do you propagate them? Haven't examined their roots, so don't know if they have tubers or rhisomes or just spread in clumps. Are their seeds viable?
Should I leave it in the pot it is in now?
Waiting to hear back from you.
I am posting this for others, but I will also send this to your private e-mail, so that you may respond in private, if you wish.
Thank you very much for contacting me about this gorgeous plant.
~ Annie

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Here are those same photos now in my photobucket:

There are also Begonias, Periwinkles, Variegated Liriope, a Camelia plant, & a big pot of Native Okie Blue Spiderwort. Pampas Grass and Purple Ruffles Basil are behind them. These are under the camopy of a large Mimosa. There are also 2 huge pots of Kimberly Ferns, Hostas, Irises, Mums, a Hanging basket of Variegated Swedish Ivy, and a large container of Cast Iron plant, as well as a huge bed of Apple mint.

At the edge situated along the walkway are big pots of Rosemary and mixed herbs.
The birdbath is an old sewer main with a terra cotta colored plastic pot saucer for the waterpan.

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down_south_LA(z8 La)

I have several Heliconias, my fav is Lobster claw. All are in huge pots that will be put in the greenhouse for the winter, but they are grand on my deck over looking the river.

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I sure hope you two are safe down there in LA. I have been worrying about you.
Please let us know when you can that you are okay.


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lac1361(z9a Lake Charles, LA)

We're ok here but I have lost contact with dozens of friends in the eastern part of the state. The situation just looks overwhelming. It will wind up being a national disaster when this is all over with.


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Has anyone been able to grow Heliconia here on the Central Coast of California (San Luis Obispo)? If so I'm looking for any helpful tips

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