Austrailian Pine Hedge?

neukidFebruary 2, 2013

Hi, I live in Phoenix and the oleander hedge around my yard was destroyed by the oleander leaf scorch disease. I am looking for another plant to replace it with since we the people behind us have an ugly two story house that looks down into our yard and the neighbors do not use blinds in their bathroom window. We would like it to be 20' to 25' tall and relatively fast growing.

I recently went to the nursery and one of the employees recommended planting a boarder of Australian pine (Casuarina equisetifolia). It sounded great until I looked them up. Seems like a lot of people do not like them and they grow a lot bigger than I was told. Has anyone had any experience with them? Also are there any other ideas for plants? I thought of ficus but the latest cold spell killed that idea and I am loth to put oleanders back in but that is starting to look like the best option:(

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You problably should consider African Sumac.It should be well adapted to your area.It can be a small tree or a large shrub depending on how you prune it.

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