Flowering 6ft high 2 to 4ft Thick Hedge for Coastal San Diego

widmarkFebruary 8, 2014

I am looking to create a privacy screen which will: rise to 6 ft (no less but hopefully not much more either), provide excellent color much of the year via flowers even after pruning, be a moderate to low water user once established, and look good within a somewhat English style garden as opposed to a palm oriented tropical garden or a desert scape. The hedge would be in the coastal San Diego sun virtually all day.

I couldn't find a plant that would do all this and stand on its own, so I am thinking of using a Distictis Buccinatoria or Laxiflora to grow up a wide, 6 ft tall trellis for structure. My theory is the distictis will provide lots of desired flowers without too many being lost to pruning.

I am curious if the laxiflora and/or buccinatoria will be dense enough when grown to fill in and hide the trellis structure... making the plant appear as a 6 ft high hedge. I was also considering the Escallonia but it sounds as if pruning to maintain 6 ft tall and 3 to 4ft thick hedge will knock out virtually all of the blooming.

I would be grateful for any replies... or any attractive alternatives. Sooner is better as I need to get this privacy screen up to make my neighbor happy. : )

Thank you

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