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leafylea(Australia. Quee)September 20, 2004

Its interesting to read so many gardeners are growing similar plants as we do.We live in the sub-tropics +

have a large botanical type garden with broms ,ferns,

palms + many other collectors items.I;m looking for the

part of your area where the climate is the same to compare

notes.We have hot summer;28 to34+is often humid.We get the

leftovers from the northern cyclones+sometimes heavy rain

in summer.Also we get some winter rain but not much.Winter

is generally mild with the odd frost with the day temps

reaching usually 25.Being on the border with the tropics

we can enjoy both,tropical rainforest[favorites]plants+

lots of flowers from the colder areas.We mix aussie natives

with other tropical species.Is your area similar?

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wilmington_islander(9A/Sunset 28)

Your area sounds very similar to Central Florida. Warm , generally very mild winters with only an occasional light frost, and long, hot, humid summers. Even your rainfall pattern seems to be similar.

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