Roses that love the heat

psyched123March 22, 2003

I am putting in a new rose garden in central Texas. I am looking for roses that will bloom continuously through the summer. It gets HOT here. Any suggestions?

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Find the local rose society and ask them. The humidity is as much a factor as the heat, because mildew is aproblem.

Often the roses in Phoenix go semi-dormant because of the heat, or the blossoms are very small and last a very short time.

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genegoddess(Z5 (Central Mass))

My climbing Don Juan *loves* heat and full sun. It has south and west exposure and gets sun from 11am until sunset and the temps are in the 90s all summer long (if not 100s). And the only time it isn't blooming is in February when I hack it back. It's March and it's already blooming.

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Bullnettle(z8b TX)

Martha Gonzalez is an old garden rose that blooms throughout the summer for me in central Texas. When it gets over 100, she slows down, then perks up when it's back in the 90's. I have several other old garden roses, but this one is the most consistent summer bloomer for me, so far.

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Playboy (orangy floribunda)
Martha Gonzoles (red single china)
Mutabilis/Butterfly Rose (multicolored single china)
Cramoisi Superior (red china)
Old Blush (pink china)

China roses (an old-fashioned bush type variety) love the heat.
Modern Hybrid Teas tend to wilt in the hot summer months.

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barbara_muret(ctr OK)

what great suggestions! thanks everyone! My find was the Antique Rose Emporium Catalog. They describe what each rose does and needs like they're describing a child in their family. I'm going to try their shrub roses this year. I've pampered the roses bought over the years from local stores, lost a few every year and the others just struggle - and of course all say "full sun". I've moved a few and they're doing much better in half day morning sun.

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nmnative(7 NM)

I have 2 Iceberg shrub roses that have done very well for me and I live in the desert. The hybrid teas do well here if they get afternoon shade.

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I've had great success growing Belinda's Dream. It's a shrub rose that deals well with drought and the onslaught of grasshoppers. It just keeps coming back! And blooming.

To find those roses designated Earthkind, follow this link and search for the "Earthkind designated." In order to recieve this designation, these eleven roses survived a number of years with no pesticide or fungicide care at the Texas Extension Agency in Dallas. I believe they did not recieve additional watering either. Simply Amazing!

Good luck. I hope it all works out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Earthkind Roses

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I'm in Phoenix and just planted my first roses this spring, and they're doing better than I expected. I planted the Don Juan (climber, bright red), Hot Cocoa (reddish brown...won awards for drought tolerance) and Veteran's Honor, a pinkish red. Mine tend to best w/ full morning sun and more indirect afternoon sun.

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mirandy(z7b AR)

Here is very good source of information.. and a list of the top ten Earthkind roses:

Here is a link that might be useful: Earthkind roses

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mirandy(z7b AR)

Here is a link that might be useful: roses in texas

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African_Violet_Lady(z8b TX)

Rose do like 'full sun' IF it's Not in the high nineties or hundreds!
In our area (central/south)of Texas the ideal spot for them is where they can get morning sun and be shaded, or at least semi-shaded in the afternoons. That being said - HT Barbara Streisand, St. Patrick's Day, and Dainty Bess all did very well for me. Floribunda - Betty Boop!! Wonderful little rose. Hardly stops blooming.
zone 8b

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mairenn(7-8 GA)

I noticed most of these are Texas postings....any of these also resist humidity?

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rcnaylor(z7 Tex)

Climbing Pinkie has worked well for me.

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My hubbie buys me arbirary "gift" roses from stores everywhere. I must have 50-60 of them.In the high desert (Antelope Valley)I've never had a problem with my roses.I always plant in partial shade in a flower bed with regular watering.The lack of humidity seems to help! I buy any roses moss,mini,old,anything that catches my eye and it will grow and bloom like crazy. I compost 6-8 inches down(entire bed) and add potting soil to actual hole...and boom!I get ahphids that are replaced by lady bugs and mantis a few months later(take longer to hatch) and perfect roses until Dec/Jan and back in April.No mold,spot,fungus or rot.( Had to read up on that before I move to FTWorth TX next year.)I will miss easy rose gardening.PJ

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transplant_annie(z8 central TX)

I have a rose that I wish all other roses performed as well as. Honey Perfume, a floribunda, has unbelievable constitution and non-stop bloom. Even when you are slow to dead head, this hard working rose will still cover itself with flowers along side of the spent heads while it waits for you. I have had it for a little over a year and the silly thing almost didn't go dormant this past winter. Granted we had a very mild winter this year. But.. we had half a dozen snap freezes which is so much harder on the plants as they have no idea it's coming. I had only a few dead branches after all those freezes and even those were not dead all the way down. I live just outside of Austin so humidity is an issue for me and mildew can definitely be a problem. Honey perfume showed no signs of mildew, black spot or any other ugliness to speak of. What a charmer. After many sad looking roses, it was a joy to find such a gem for the nasty heat, high humidity AND to top it off, very little rain fall since early in 2005. So it had to depend on me to go out in the heat and water it. Poor thing still popped buds all over the place. It also gets almost no shade where it is planted. This rose has spurred me on with hope to find more gems with its constitution. Perhaps I can have a nice rose garden after all.

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