Green insect in ground

active_grandmaMarch 10, 2008

While planting a Cape Honeysuckle in my son's yard, I dug up green,multi legged insect. My son said that it was a centipede. I'm new to AZ and have not seen this pest before. Is it harmful to his plants? Should it be killed? If so, what insecticide is recommended?

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Centipedes are carnivorous, so as far as I know they're great to have in your garden because they'll eat the pests (unless you get bitten, then it sucks).

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Common in the SW. Don't worry about it. Whatever ones you kill with insecticide will only be replaced by those who drift in from outside the yard. Welcome to the SW. Just wait until you see all the other creatures we have!

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I agree with above comments. Sometimes we create unforeseen problems with insecticides by removing the beneficial bugs while trying to get rid of pests..... live and let live is a great way to tread.....

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