Peppers not doing well, Tomato Re-potting?

solarityMarch 12, 2009

1) I have these Carmen sweet peppers that I planted 11 days ago. It looks like 7 of the 8 germinated. Three are doing good. And three look like they are rotting from the tips. Like the first set of leaves never came up, it was barely out of the ground when it just fizzled. Is that damping off? Do I need to be concerned? There are a couple that I can see poking through the soil but don't know yet if they are going to be ok or not. I took them out from under the cover as soon as I saw any green in the pots.

2) I have a couple very leggy cherry tomatoes. I have them in 3" peat pots but was thinking maybe I should re-pot them into the same pot? I also have to thin them out :( . I have four but only need two. They look so good with their first set of true leaves coming in, I'm tempted to re-pot them to give them to neighbors. But I can't do that for every one of my duplicates. I only have one light fixture.

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I would guess too much moisture and/or too much heat. I had the same thing with my cole crop seeds. I learned that someone had bumped my thermostat on my heatmat up so they were cooking at about 88 degrees!

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Oooh that might make sense. I had them under a lamp since I don't have a heat mat. But then the temps skyrocketed and it was 80+ degrees outside (will be back in the 40's for a while). I don't think I turned the lamp off. Now that I think about it, the ones doing better are the furthest away from the lamp.

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hey hey fellow durhamite!

sounds like you solved the main problem -- on repotting, i like to let seedlings get past that first set of leaves before i repot. just so they're a little bit bigger and all that. but i haven't [yet] grown tomatoes from seed, this is my first year.

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