saffron seed bonus

ArtichokeMeMarch 30, 2014

I bought Trinidad scorpion seeds. They surprised me with a bonus seed pack. I planted my bonus saffron in a Dixie cup mix with garden soil and some fertilizer. I left them outside. I didn't give it much thought BC I didn't plan on them even sprouting. I have three of them now that sprouted. Now that I saffron plants I have a lot of questions. When to transplant, where to put them in my garden and how to harvest them. My garden is a salsa garden so its a little weird having saffron plants in there.

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I know they need full day sun. When they bloom. remove the colorful stamens early in the morning before the sun gets in the sky. This way you preserve the aroma.

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I'm sure I posted to this topic in another thread ... Yes, it was on the Herbs forum, see the link below.

In short, there is no such thing as saffron seed. You may have received safflower seed. Saffron is the stamen of the saffron crocus and is propagated via bulbs.

Here is a link that might be useful: How saffron can be grown

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