When to plant beets outside

thatSandygirlMarch 16, 2012

Hi All,

I'm getting back into gardening after a hiatus of about two years. Spent the last few days of gorgeous weather setting up a nice big (4x28') raised bed for SFG, which I've been successful with in the past. It's all gorgeous, fluffy dirt begging to be planted.

I've gone ahead and direct seeded some cool weather crops (lettuce, spinach, turnips). I was about to plant beets, when I noticed that the seed packet said to plant after danger of frost. Is that actually right? I mean, surely the seed company knows when to plant their own product, but I'm almost positive I remember doing early plantings of beets along with turnips...

Does anyone plant theirs out super early?



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Just wanted to add that I'm at 8 weeks before last frost.


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According to some of my references, you can plant beet seeds up to 6 weeks before last frost date. For me that is May 15. Since we are having insane warm weather here in Rochester, NY, I would go ahead and plant a few. You could always cover them if it gets way below freezing. Some say you can per sprout the seeds, but I haven't had much luck with that.

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Thanks, Keski! I did go ahead and put some out there. I figure worst case scenario is I lose nine beet seeds. I'll take the risk!

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