Need help identifying this shrub

stilezMarch 15, 2013

Hi everyone,

Long time reader, but this is my first time posting.

I am trying to identify this shrub (picture attached). My wife and I purchased this home two years ago and there are four of these on the property, this being the youngest.

This gets about 8 hours of sun and does wonderfully year round and requires almost no maintenance. The other three have Northeastern exposure and are close to the house, so at best 4 hours of sun per day. They are ever green and the leaves range from green, to yellow, to red. The one shown has shinier leaves while the other are more matte. This shrub is about 2.5 feet tall where the others, which are older, are now about 4.5 feet tall. There are no flowers or fruit and these are evergreen shrubs.

I have reviewed the Austin Planting Guide a dozen times, scanned through Texas A&M listings and even spent about an hour on Monrovia trying to find out luck.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Austin, TX

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I am pretty sure it is cleyera. Must be one of the smaller varieties. Larger ones are supposed to get up to 10-12'. I have about 25 of them around my house. If they are in the shade they will be mostly green.

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I ran a search for the Cleyera.

Thanks 200mfromocean! Exactly what I was looking for.

These are the easiest plants I have. They require less maintenance than my hollies and trees. The three on the north side of my house are about 5' now and looks like they are spurting new growth since we had a warm spell recently. The one pictured grew about 1.5' last year and hope for the same this year.

Glad to finally know more about these. Thanks again!

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They look like photenia to me. New growth is red. They have clusters of small white flowers in the spring. They take almost no care. I have a few at one of my rental houses and they get virtually NO care and always look wonderful. One of my renters even cut one almost to the ground. It came back and still looks good.

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Sorry, duplicate post.

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I thought it was photinia too but I might be wrong. I love it, need to get some for my garden bare spots. :) I wonder do they grow easy from cuttings...

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