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hartwoodOctober 30, 2009

I've been doing a lot of photographing and blogging, and not much GW posting lately ... been lurking a bit, to keep up with all of you here.

So many blogs now have day-of-the-week features ... I started my own this morning, hopefully as a way to help me get through the rose-less winter that's fast approaching. The gardens have TONS of roses now, and I'm practically wearing out my camera trying to capture it all. The neighbors don't even say anything about me lying on the ground, or bending with my butt in the air, trying to get the perfect shot. (I LOVE my digital SLR!!)

Here are a few of the photos I posted this morning, and a link to my blog to see the rest. (With all the problems of photo stealing, my stuff is watermarked now.)


"Belmont Yellow"

Pink Perpetue

Fair Molly

Anyone want to add their own Friday Flowers to this? I know we'd all love to see them.


Here is a link that might be useful: blog

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My goodness those are BOOOOTIFUL!! I love Fair Molly. Judy

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phatboyrose(N/W FL. - 8)

Miss Connie, what a great idea and let me say your roses are just Gorgeous. Thanks for posting so that we can enjoy them.

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Ditto on the great idea Connie Heres what I have for roses on this Friday ( I hope this is what you ment )

Apollo: Parade Mini

Neptune: Last call from it's planting this may

Different ones on there way for next week hopefully they'll open in our cooler temps and lesser sun time.

I enjoy your site Connie I am following it on a weekly basis
(think of it as lurking )As I am waiting to take a plundge on some picks I have in mind historicaly speaking to go from no to yes.

A lil off focus from wind, my glasses, fast loss of good daylight

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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Connie, it is so lovely to see your roses here! I am so looking forward to getting Krista's Marcesa Boccella from you. I always say how wonderful you and Krista have been in getting me started toward the antique roses!

I am very happy to see you start a brand new blog too! how exciting! I am really looking forward to more of your photos on our gallery. Please keep this thread rolling with as many of your favorite blog photos as possible!

Krista, if you are here, I hope we can get your TGIF bee photos here! For those of you on the Rose Gallery isn't it amazing to still have bees this late in the year???? now that is a special miracle, LOL! I have never heard of any winter-hardy bees, LOL! winter-hardy roses but to me, to have a bee in late October/November is like winter for a bee, LOL! and that's what Krista's bees are doing! She is a miracle worker, LOL!

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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Wes your miniature yellow rose has a very delicate lovely shape...!

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Judy, Fair Molly is a delicate little thing. The flower in that photo is about the size of a quarter.

Harold, you're welcome. Your turn.

Wesley, always nice to see your roses. I figured I could start a place for us to brighten winter weekends, when it's too icky to work outside ... at least we can see photos of what it was like. I'm glad you like my web site.

Serena, your Marchesa is in the greenhouse, concentrating on growing roots. She'll come live with you in the spring. The new blog format is SO much better than the old one ... I'm gradually transferring all the little old photos into the new larger format, in case people keep reading the archives beyond October.

Bees? You mean like this:

This one was taken earlier in the week, too. The 'girls' (as my friend the bee-keeper calls bees) are feeling the pressure of winter approaching, and they're out in the garden like crazy. It's easy to get photos of them, especially when it's a bit chilly, because they're too focused on gathering nectar and they don't pay me a bit of attention.

Anyone else?


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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Wow, Connie, you and Krista are amaaaaazing! I can't believe anyone else can have bees. All our Kansas bees are long gone! Yaaay, go, go, go magic bees in Magic Gardens!

Connie, I am too chicken to ruin your beautiful thread with my lumpy roses, LOL! I had 2 more photos that are my very last nicer blooms but am hoping that others (not me) have the good Friday flowers show to add. I'll be so excited to see a continuum of your favorites from the blog! I am in NYC visiting my brother but had to stop by online to see your beauties! LOL! I am on my brother's Mac! I haven't used a Mac for ages, LOL! Guess this is what happens when one is an addict of Boxofrox gardens and yours and Krista's antiques and also to say hi to Karen! I am still fumbling around with the functions keys which are quite different from the PC lol! Plus I am somewhat of a klutz with laptops (I only use workstations, no laptops so getting used to the finger touch system is also extremely awkward for me (I got klunky clumsy fingers, lol!)

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Great photos Hartwood ! I am lucky I don't have close neighbours as I was taking photos in my nightie this morning, and ducking behind a rose bush if a car come past.

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I don't normally read blogs... but I enjoyed yours very much, Connie. Your rose arches are beautiful... I can only imagine what they will look like as time passes and the roses grow to cover them!

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Beautiful pics, Connie. What a great bee pic! I need to look through my folders for my bee pics...

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Connie---I love your Blog--I will be looking forward to enjoying it all winter.

Great job with the climbers---I remember them in the beginning--This should be a glorious spring when they are all in bloom.

Duratool looks like a very good tool.

Thanks again for sharing your delightful Blog


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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Connie, I am resurrecting your lovely, lovely thread for several reasons! Being back from my NYC vacation, I finally had the chance to look more closely into your wonderful Blog of roses.

On the Friday blooms I especially enjoy the others that didn't have the chance to be posted yet, the Gentle Persuasion Buck rose and the Monsieur Tillier and the Haywood Hall and Comtesse de Segure roses.

Connie I hope you can also post your favorites of the Wednesday white roses as well. They're so gorgeous!

The greenhouse is looking great too!

Also I noticed that there may be someone who needs your expert help in Rose ID'ing. The roses shown are from Nanito, but in my newbie eyes, these look like your kind of roses and not a miniature rose as Nanito is thinking. They have that distinctive antiques look to them. Can you help out Nanito? You have to double-click on the tiny photos and it will lead you to the actual album. Double click on any photos and it will be enlarge so that you can see all the detail. Nanito hasn't had any responses yet to her thread and am thinking she needs help.

3 Miniature Roses ID from Nanito

Anyway, I am so much looking forward to more lovely day-of-the-week showcases of your roses and hope that this thread keeps getting resurrected as winter eye-candy.

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Serenasyh, I'm blushing. Thank you for the lovely compliments. I was a reluctant blogger at first, but I seem to have found my rhythm. I see it as a good way to help with the winter blues (along with spending some quality greenhouse time), and show some roses that usually don't get any attention. Now that I reformatted my blog so I can use bigger images, I'm MUCH happier and motivated.

My blog photos are not on Photobucket, so I can't link to them here without uploading them first. Here's one I just uploaded, to show a bit of what White Wednesday is about ... and it has a bee in it, especially for all of our bee lovers. The rest of the photos are on my blog, linked below.


Here is a link that might be useful: blog

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I just put up today's Flowers on Friday blog post. Use the link above to get there.

There are a couple of rose images (one of them is the one above), and marvelous photos of a magical perennial garden that I visited last Saturday. Be warned ... grab a napkin, because I expect there will be quite a bit of drooling. (I wanted to pitch a tent and move in.)

I hope you enjoy the tour.


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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Your Nastarana Hybrid Musk is such a wonderful highlight of a photo! I just love this photo, it's one of my favorites! The bee looks very pretty, nestled in the beautiful flowers like a decorative brooch. And I am very happy that you will keep putting back parts of the blog here into this thread. That way we can enjoy, keep up and re-read.

This is wonderful, Connie, with Mrs. Harper's garden too. Just like you, I felt that the Cyclamens were really magical. I really enjoyed her free-flowing woodlands look! very peaceful...

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This past Friday's blog entry had some pretty good fall photos of a visit I made to Robert's garden (rjlinva) last weekend. He has a few roses left, but I was mostly taken by the lovely fall scenery ... and his cats.


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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Connie it was through your thread/blog that I saw your absolutely gorgeous May slideshow of Robert's Garden...What an amazing breathtaking photos you took. Robert must have been so honored to have you take such gorgeous photos! Wowwwwwwww!

For everyone who hasn't already seen Connie's slideshow this cannot be missed...

I'll call this the wowwwwwww

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