Poinsettia in full sun?

frdnicholas(Albuquerque NM)March 13, 2010

We have a Christmas poinsettia that's doing well in a pot in the house. We would like to plant it outside in the ground, and have a spot by a brick wall that gets full day sun. Would it do well in that spot? Can they take the summer heat? We live in Albuquerque in the downtown area.

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I suspect that it would be both too hot and too cold to plant Poinsettias in the ground in Albuquerque. They are just barely frost hardy here, and we have the warmest winters this side of Yuma. They also suffer in the heat even in the shade here, and I suspect that your summers aren't all that much cooler, though you may have cooler nights than us, which counts for a lot. I would probably put it in a pot about 4-6 inches bigger than the one it's in, with a fast draining mix, put it out in morning sun, afternoon shade, and be ready to bring it in before the first frost in fall.

Best of luck!
Kevin : )

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