Eucalyptus Tree Info Wanted

norwood1081(9aSEAz)March 1, 2007

I planted a Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Tree on 7-5-86 after finding it lying on the side of the road. (Approximately 3' tall.) It is now over 30' high and shades the house during our hot summers. Recently I noticed some branches without leaves and other branches with curled or spotted leaves. Can someone tell me if I have a problem? I'd hate to lose this tree. I'm used to the broken off branches and scattered pieces of bark. About how far outward would the roots extend on a tree of this size? There are no visable roots, and I don't have any cement to crack. Thanks in advance...

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You might try posting on the CA or Australia forum. When Eucalyptus gets water (compared to growth in an arid zone) the roots are shallow. They can be problem trees in my area as high winds blow them down due to the shallow root system. Every year there is a local news story where someone is killed or a house/car damaged because one of these trees has toppled. Someone e-mailed me once saying these trees "shouldnÂt be planted near people." They are beautiful, but can be scary trees.

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