Roses in Albuquerque area - pruning

aklindaMarch 11, 2006

I inherited some very large rose bushes on the property I just moved to. One of them has a trunk nearly as big around as my leg. Another of them I didn't even realize was a rose until a neighbor told me - it is well over my head and has an almost weeping habit. They all seem to be pretty healthy and well established. Is now the correct time to prune in Bosque Farms? What about the large bush with the weeping habit - I like the way it looks now. Some of the branches are nearly arched to the ground. Any info is appreciated.

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abq_bob(USDA 5a/SS 2A)

I've only got two "regular" rose bushes, so I'm no expert. But I just pruned mine back a couple days ago - there was no new growth on them yet, so I think they'll be fine.


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the_farmers_wife(zone 5 Montana)

You don't have any growth on them? Not even those litte red "buds" or whatever they're called? I thought it might be warmer where you are, but here in Mountainair, my roses have those buds. I pruned them a few days ago (just dead-heading and removing dead canes), so it's definately time, linda. I also my first roses when we moved here last year, so I'm learning too. I'd think of your roses as "your" roses, so do what you want with them! I had to move one of the rose bushes, and I swear every old lady in time drove by. I was positive one would stop and say it was her rose bush!

good luck!

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frdnicholas(Albuquerque NM)

My roses have lots of new growth on them. Is it okay to prune off the dead branches?

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the_farmers_wife(zone 5 Montana)

Well, I did, but I'm no where near an expert. They seem fine a few days later. I'd check the roses forum - they're really helpful with that sort of stuff!

good luck!

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There's lots of new growth on all of the established roses. I have also planted 6 bareroot climbers in pots and 4 other roses in the ground - it's probably been a month since I planted them. They are starting to get a few buds so I'm hoping they've been forming roots for the last month or so. All my winter-sowed plants are going gangbusters too. The roses are getting pruned this weekend.

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Farmers Wife,
I had to tell you how happy I was to find your post stating that Mountainair is in zone 6. I just purchased property down the road from you, near the base of the Manzano Mountains and am trying to learn all about what will grow in the area before I move there from Florida in the next 3 years. What other plants do you have in your garden or yard and have you had any problems with the recent drought?
I have so many questions about the area.
Do you consider the area high desert?
Thanks in advance for anything you can tell me,

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