4x4x8 bed, How much mix?

leeds376(z6a S.Cent. PA)March 30, 2009

I've searched and read, searched and read and successfully confused myself. I've got my first raised bed built, a 4x4 bed 8 inches deep and want to fill it with Mel's Mix, but am not sure how much.

I have a 3.8cu. ft bale of peat

1- 4.0cu. ft. bag of vermiculite

and a few 40lb. bags of composted manure....and currently looking for two more different kinds of compost.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Approx. 10.7 cubic feet of fill total. Using Mel's recipe that would be about 3.6 cubic feet each of vermiculite, peat moss and compost.

You already have all the peat and vermiculite you need. Now you just need to figure out a weight to volume conversion for the compost you already have. That's the tricky part - I would just suggest eyeballing or measuring the bag dimensions.

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engineeredgarden(7, nw Alabama)

10.56 cubic feet of mix. You almost have enough to fill it now...I would mix in what you've got, then water it really good. Most likely, it will shrink an inch or so. Then, add some more compost, and blend in with your hands.


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Supposedly, a 40 lb bag of manure should equal 0.75 cubic feet. I used that rule of thumb when filling my beds, but it didn't seem to hold up. I needed quite a few more bags than I calculated.

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