One more area,please?

LuvMyRazz(8)September 23, 2013

I need something around this stump that won't shade my veg. garden. It is also full sun. I have no talent for planting things that look good together . Lol
Thanks again!

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you could place a wide, shallow planter (terra cotta?) on top of the stump and grow something in it that will cascade over the edges to hide the stump until it decays. the groundcover sedum are nice for that purpose and come in several colors and textures.
a creeping juniper could work there as a groundcover around the stump.

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Thanks! I never thought of planting in a pot on top of the stump! Is sedum a fast grower?

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some are. 'angelina' grows fairly fast. 'ogon' a little slower and stays quite short. both of these are close to yellow or, at times, chartreuse.
'voodoo' is a dark red as is 'dragon's blood'. there are hundreds of them and some of the more common can be found at the box store garden centers.
i still think a low-growing juniper would look nice to cover the mulched bed area around the stump (if you don't walk through there - kinda prickly foliage and they don't tolerat foot traffic well).

Here is a link that might be useful: sedum nursery

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Thanks again and for the link!

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