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gallaureMarch 9, 2011

Hi All!

Mel's book says this on spacing: (this is on pg 16 in my copy)

"So, in summary, if plants should be thinned to 12 inches apart, plant one per square foot. Ifplants should be thinned to 6 inches apart, plant four per square foot. If plants should be thinned to 4 inches apart then you can grow nine within the space of that one square foot. If plants are thinned to 3 inches apart, you can grow sixteen in that same square foot. Doesn't it all make sense and seem easy enough?"

On pg 109, a diagram shows bush beans / peas as 9 per sq. foot, or the spacing based on 4" between seedings. The same page has carrots 16/sq ft, because their spacing is at 3".

That's all fine. But I have several pea varieties that I'd like to plant (sugar ann, sugar daddy, and dwarf grey sugar snow are among them), and the websites that sell those seeds are indicating spacing at 2". Mel doesn't have a category for 2" separation.

My math isn't speaking to me today, so how many of these peas should I plant per square foot?

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Well, if my math is correct, you should be able to plant 36 plants in a square foot. That's 12"/2 = 6 per foot. Then I took 6 across times 6 down = 36 per sq ft. I also drew it out in Excel to verify, because that seemed to be a lot. I don't know that I would try that many the first time, until I knew how they grew, but that's entirely up to you.

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Manday, that's what I got, and I thought the numbers must be wrong!!

I suppose that I have other squares... I could always try 1 square one way, and 1 square another. But still, that seems like a lot! Or like I'd have a problem with aphids. Maybe these are real spindly plants....

I thought that maybe the website describing the seed was incorrect, but then it went on to state in a paragraph that one should space these 2" apart in all directions in wide rows as wide as the grower likes. This makes me think that these varieties are for commercial farmers, who need moremoremore per sq ft. So maybe they'll do fine?? Still seems odd.

Perhaps I'll grow one square at 16/sq ft and another at 36 just for giggles. I can always thin or yank.

Thanks for your input!


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That does sound like a lot of plants in a small area. I would be interested in how it turns out for you. I'm looking to grow for storage and would appreciate it if you came back to let us know your yield and how you ended up planting them.

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I have grown bush peas at 16 per sq/ft any closer you have real tangled mess. row planing does not always translate cleanly into sq/ft.

climbing beans or peas are spaced at 8 per sq/ft

Here is a link that might be useful:

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