Watering Afghan/Mondell Pines and Mediterranean Pines

mwh2osMarch 10, 2013

How often should I be watering these two types of trees? I will be watering by hand, also how long should I water each. They have not been watered except rain in the last 2 years, and I think they maybe drying out. I also think most are about 25 years old some are about 10 I guess. I read that the Afghan/Mondell Pines do best in about 12 to 16 inches of rain, and the Mediterranean/Jerusalem Pines do best in about 20 inches of rain. That is 3 to 5 times higher than the average of 4.5 inches per year in Las Vegas, NV. So they obviously need some watering, the Southern Nevada Water Authority says they need low to moderate watering but does not say how much that is. Can someone Please Help?!

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Several times a year, thoroughly soak them (slow running soaker hose spiraled around the base all the way out to 3 to 5 feet past the edge of the branch canopy) until the water has penetrated 12 or more inches.

If they are in a lawn area, you can use the sprinkler system - run it 15-30 minutes a day for about a week, check moisture depth.

Do this at the start of warm weather and once a month or so (depending on how they look) until is cools off. Especially the hot dry June.

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I planted this 5' Afghan Pine 6 months ago and it was doing fine. Someone told me to water it with a soaker hose every two weeks for about two hours. My soaker hose is wrapped arond the tree at the drip line and beyond. Therefore the trunk/root area didn't seem to be getting enough water because the upper most branch along with two others have dried out. I am now soaking around the trunk for 3 hours every 4 days. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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