Banana Peppers don't look right..

ericj12September 22, 2010

so, I'm growing this banana pepper plant and the peppers just look weird..they almost have a grey-like surface on some parts..and it happens to all of them. I don't know what it is, and have tried to look online. anyone have this problem or know of it? the name? a solution? if its even a problem to begin with? it looks almost red in the picture, but its more of a grey-brown/light-grey.

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A little sun scald, nothing to worry about it's fairly common with chilies. If you leave them on longer they will turn bright red and become sweeter.

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but when i search on google, it says it can cause rot...should i just put them in an area with less sun or something?

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I grow a lot of chilies and never had one to rot due to the discolor I see in your image. Chilies like full sun and fall is when I have the best yield.

This is from last fall; if you look close you can see the same discoloration on my Hot Hungarian Wax in the bottom right corner. I usually let them turn red but I had to harvest them before a hard freeze, you can see some of them are orange and starting to changing. Also note the date stamp, it was December.

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WOAH! nice job to begin with.. you must have spent a fortune in buying soil and what not. but yeah, thanks for the was just a bit misleading cause typing in "sun scald peppers" you'd think the apocalypse just happened. thanks again.

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Maybe scald is a bit harsh; sun exposure would be a better term. Actually it's the time not the cost. Organic gardening does not have to be expensive to yield results. I posted that image and others last fall the link is below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Show Your Last Chili and/or Tomato Harvest of 2009

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