boxofrox(z8 PNW)October 7, 2009

NFL Hall of Famer Chuck Knox used to say that "Potential just means ain't done it YET" and even though a little reprieve in temps have allowed some buds to open, the tons that won't are simply a glimpse of next seasons potential :-) That's what I love about gardening, you hate the season to be over but you still recognize that with each new year a young garden matures a little more and slowly sheds it's ain't done it yet. It's these last few flushes before the final gun that get you through the off season :-)

Livin Easy

Abraham Darby

LD Braithwaite

Fatsia japonica

Choisya ternata 'Sundance'

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le_jardin_of_roses(zone 10)

Boxofrox, your AD blooms are even prettier than mine and my AD blooms are very pretty. I'm jealous!!!

And I love that choisya ternata 'Sundance'. That is a plant I may want to put around my garden. The bright greenness of it is very nice.

In CA, we continue to garden 'till December. So I do feel lucky that I can expect another two months of blooms. I hope your extended summer continues, darling.

All The Best,


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boxofrox(z8 PNW)

Thanks Juliet, I certainly do envy your extra months and I'm hoping for just a little more too ;-)

If I remember correctly, 'Sundance' is zones 8-10 and I can't say enough good things about it. It's about 15' from my swing and when it's blooming, it's pure heaven. I probably love the contrast aspect of it even more. It's not just the contrast with other plants but with itself.....several shades of green all the way to yellow. I just underplanted a purple leaf plum with it at my pretty Jessica's and it is stunning :-) Here's a spring pic of it next to my 'Rocket' rhodie and 'Sensation' lilac.......

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Your LE is spectacular!!! Oh my!!! Makes me wish that I was a bee and could cavort in there!! LOL

I really miss my L.D. Braithwaite from my old house. Your pictures really do it justice. Very lovely.


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OMG, your pictures, especially your Living Easy and your last pic from spring, are GORGEOUS!! Your feelings about the end of fall and beginning of next spring are so perfect. Exactly how I feel but you expressed it so perfectly. Thanks for sharing, Judy

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phatboyrose(N/W FL. - 8)

Boxofrox, I love your Pictures. Your LIVING EASY & l.D. BRAITHWAITE are just GORGEOUS. THANKS for sharing.

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boxofrox(z8 PNW)

Thanks guys :-)

Carol, the wall of Easy with LE & EG & Eureka has probably given me more 'bang for the buck' than any other area of my garden. Mid-season they are close to 8' and can be seen from everywhere but the front. I know that a lot of folks think that LDB is too bright of a red but in the midst of the Darby's I love it and those blooms have serious stay power.

Judy, I'm thinking the fact that I'm a late comer to roses and yet have quickly become so fond of them causes me to forget that in a few short months, I'll be into the camellias which bloom until the rhododendrons and azaleas start. While I do like all 3, they pale through no fault of their own :-)

Harold, if LDB had any fragrance, it would probably vie for my favorite. LE is right up there because I am partial to those shades, very clear vibrant orange at bloom and fading to a 'Westerland' orange sherbet shade.

Here's a small little bouquet I cut this AM for my lovely little bride :-)

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Living Easy is such a pretty color, I really like it.
Thanks for sharing all your wonderful pictures.

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the_bustopher z6 MO

I like looking at all your pictures regardless of what they are and whether I say anything about them or not. I am a little surprised that the pink rhododendron and purple lilac appear to be so close because they generally prefer very different soil pH levels. Is it the camera angle perhaps?

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boxofrox(z8 PNW)

My pleasure rr7b :-) I love those orange/apricot/peach tones.

bustopher, I suppose the 'trunks' are about 3-3.5' apart and I just fertilize them differently. One gets Apex (acid) and the other gets rose and sometimes a little lime. My whole landscape is mixed with evergreen acid lovers and deciduous alkies side by side without unintended consequences ;-)

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Boxofrox - As always your pictures are divine... I am continually in awe of your gardens. Please save some pictures to tease us with during the dreary winter months!!


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boxofrox(z8 PNW)


Thank you for your kind words, perhaps when my camellias start I'll post some pics under the subject title of Evergreen Roses ;-)

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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Boxofrox, I got delayed in my stalking! LOL! it took a job interview to do that! and I'm still stuck trying to prepare more samples for the company and other real-life rush endeavors! Boxofrox, I am also keeping my fingers crossed for poor Jim1961. He's got a broken arm, shoulder and wrist! I hope he gets better soon! He is also one of the first to always enjoy posting to you too! So hence the absence! To be honest Boxofrox I really wish I had abundant roses and flowers like you, I'd be doing tons of get-well bouquet wishes and would be having a bumblebee hive by now.

Thanks so much for your re-post of your springtime Rocket' rhodie and 'Sensation' lilac. I just love this photo, one of my all-time favorites of side-by-side abundance. It's like Candy-to-the-Eyes! Another lovely bouquet for us to enjoy too!

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boxofrox(z8 PNW)


You're such a doll, you never cease to bring a smile to my face. I've actually been thinking about you anyway because my one cane wonder has two of the biggest, fattest dark red buds that have been refusing to open for so long that I'm actually thinking of performing a C-section :-) I know they would never be stalker or JA quality but hey, how many are ?

Do tell about Jim, all I noticed was that he was going through the rose pest blues, perhaps second guessing his new obsession. Don't tell me he got hurt chasing rose slugs or slipped on a blackspot :-(

Seriously though, email me if you get the chance. It's funny, I've had some awesome alone time in my garden lately and I was going to share some thoughts with all three of the get wells in mind and decided it probably wasn't appropriate for this forum. Then you posted......it's just one of those just when you think thangs ;-)

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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Boxofrox, that is so hilarious! C-section, LOL, LOL! Harold and I always say you are the King of Humor! Hey, I bet those 2 buds are going to be absolutely gorgeous! you just wait and see! The longer the bud takes the more huge or!!!!! the more classically spiraling flower you will get. In other words, you will either get two 6" flowers, LOL! (bigger than your biggest Austin I am willing to bet!) or you will get two gorgeous spiraling Lincolns. However! I bet in your garden, unlike my lumpy garden, beauty-begets-beauty, and I bet you may actually get the best of both worlds. Instead of just a giant cabbage flower, you will get a giant spiraling florist rose-beauty. Lincoln always is a slow bud developer because he is hiding the Best most awesome fragrance! Think "Save the Best for Last".

P.S. I forgot!!!!! to say that I love your Living Easy. It's always so amazing how it looks so vivid and sunshiney EVERY SINGLE TIME! There is no! stopping this rose in your garden and even though I don't see your Easy Going as a solitaire photo this time, like LE, its "twin", both are roses that are Power-Brighteners! That 1st photo is the perfect rays of sunshine-bathing-it! type of photo. And AD, I always love your A Darby.

Boxofrox it's been raining and raining for a few days now and all that rain made my brains soggy and slow today! I can't believe!!! I forgot to write about LE and AD!!!!!

Boxofrox I will definitely email you! Alas to answer your questions about Jim, a small tree completely uprooted in the windstorm and struck him, breaking his shoulder, arm and wrist!!! He's wearing a cast across all 3. Poor Jim!

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boxofrox(z8 PNW)

I can only hope for your vision on the ML :-) Oklahoma is right next to it and has 15 buds so maybe I'll be twice blessed, eh? If they're going to pop, tomorrows probably the day.

Yikes for Jim, how is he holding up ? Knowing you, you probably gave him the ALL things work together speech (not just all good things ;-) I'll wait to learn more from your e-mail.

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