help!! over run by daylilies

gardenlady-2007(7)September 27, 2009

I live in Liberty, South Carolina. I have just been out in my daylily garden pulling up small corms or bulblets or whatever they are called. I have lots and kept some in my garden. I got 2 at the flea market a couple of years ago and they have really been doubling and tripling plants. I don't want to put them in my compost pile. They are very tall- about 4-5 feet and the little flower looks more like an iris to me but I buy all my days from this person and he said it was a day. The flowers are orange or yellow. I always get 2 of each and watch them double in my garden. If you are near me- I will trade or give away- come and get them. Email me privately and we will talk.

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