Strawberry Plants over the winter

jengc(7)March 30, 2010

I feel like I have asked this question before but I can't remember the answer. If I have, please bear (is that the right bear? bare just didn't look right LOL) with me!

I have a box of strawberries that I left over the winter. I didn't put anything on them over the winter. There were some leaves that blew into the box from fall but that's about it. Most of them look brown but there are a few green leaves in the box. Did I kill them all or is that normal for strawberries to turn brown over the winter?

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I didn't put anything over mine either. There are a few small new green leaves emerging from the center.

They should come back just fine.

The main reason for covering strawberries during the winter it to prevent them from heaving - or from being pushed up out of the ground with the freeze/thaw conditions.

Here is a link that might be useful: BsnTech Gardening Blog

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Excellent answer! lol Good. I was worried because we didnt get any strawberries last year but I read that is normal and the second year you will be in abundance. I plan to cut back the runners but if I had killed off 90% of them, I was going to cry. Thanks for saving me the tears! I will cry about something else hehe

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What kind of strawberries did you put in?

We have Tri-Star strawberries - which are a day neutral type. It will bear fruit the first year (as we had some last year). This year they should be even better, but I definitely prefer the types that will produce all season instead of only once or twice.

Here is a link that might be useful: BsnTech Gardening Blog

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I have absolutely no idea. It was either ever bearing, or late. I just can't remember. I bought them from Walmart the beginning of last season. I let them run the whole year so I could produce many plants. Now that I have all my plants, I will cut off the runners and get STRAWBERRIES!! WOOHOO!!

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You shouldn't ever buy plants from walmart! They never mark the variety, and if they do, they get it wrong half the time. I guess if you don't care about the variety and just want some tasty berries, then there isn't anything wrong with it.

Your berries will be fine. I haven't ever covered mine and they've come back every year with no problems.

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Well, I bought them in a pre-packaged bag. Even Walmart can't screw that up! lol But it did have a label on them. I just forgot what it was. I also bought some canisters from Home Depot that were half off but still not sure what kind they were. I have such poor bookkeeping skills :(

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jengc; well it is gardening not bookkeeping and for most of us it is more fun than bookkeeping. I am putting in some raspberry plants that I an getting from a friend. Neither of us know what they are, but we do know that they are some of the best berry's in the area. Need I say more? Good luck with the strawberry's They should be fine.


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I'm terrible at book keeping too. I even tried to do it this year and didn't get past that first entry that said what variety of seed was started on what day... It's a good thing I have labels!

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Curt-Wanna come over and plant the best berry raspberry bush in MY yard?? hehehe

Homertherat-I know whatcha mean! After last year and me losing what I planted where, I am tried very hard to label everything. I am going to take some of the suggestions from the other thread about making labels and be able to tell you in a moment's notice what is planted where. But when you basically have bush beans and tomatoes, it is pretty easy to find things LOL but I am planting 4 different kinds of tomatoes. I did get some Ox Heart seedlings to sprout WOOHOO!! Ox Hearts for everyone!!

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This will be my first year growing different varieties that aren't easy to tell apart by looking at them. My plan is to stick a label in the ground right at the stem and plant in 6 plant rows, so even if a label is lost or buried, I can tell which is which.

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