Nylon Netting that will LAST?

alouwomack(Zone 7)March 13, 2011

Last year I ordered nylon netting from a web source that completely fell apart midseason...I could literally run my fingers through it and it would pull apart. I'm not sure why this happened...perhaps the heat had something to do with it. The company sent me a replacement for free but I'm reluctant to trust it's integrity again.

Could anyone suggest a reliable source to purchase netting? I would use cattle panels but I don't want the added weight.

Thanks to all ahead of time!


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dogwind(Z8a TX)

I am interested in this too. The netting I found at Home Depot does not seem very durable or capable of lasting to me, but it was cheap.

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I got the Home Depot netting and it is on its third growing season. It has supported beans and tomatoes.

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joellenh(6b Jenks)

gardeneer nylon trellis netting lasts for years. Mine is on it's fourth year.


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I kind of always thought all the netting was the same. I do prefer the kind that has 6 inch squares, rather than 7. Makes it easier when putting on the trellis frame. Currently I am on my 3rd year with the Burpee branded netting.

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alouwomack(Zone 7)

Thanks Jo. I'll look for that brand. Did you order it online?

Kaptainkr, I actually ordered that netting from Burpee last year. It was unbelievable how it fell apart. I went and looked at it again online and the only bad reviews it has are from last year. Otherwise, it had great reviews in previous years. I wonder if somehow they had a faulty batch or something. They did send me a replacement, but I'm reluctant to use it after my first experience.

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I had this same problem last year. My trellis netting disintegrated. Fortunately it self destructed toward the end of the season rather than in the middle. The year prior when I used it on a different trellis frame, it was just fine.

I'm tempted to fashion a net of twine but am not sure if it would last one full season. This year I'm planning on growing more veggies vertically so I don't want to risk a mid-growing season catastrophe.

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joellenh(6b Jenks)

Yes I buy mine from Amazon. The netting that I can find in stores locally is crap. I can break it with my hands.



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