what is buffalo grass and can it grow in Mesa AZ

tcinmesa(z9 AZ Sunset 13)April 26, 2004

HI All,

My daughter has her heart set on a lawn of buffalo grass. I'm not sure what that is (question 1)


if it would grow here in the low desert SUNSET ZONE 13 (question 2).

any help appreciated.

tc in Mesa

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Buffalo grass does well here in the low desert. American Buffalograss is a short, spreading grass is native to the Great Plains of North America, from southern Canada south into northern Mexico.

Much in the press the last few years, this warm season turfgrass choice has a place in the low desert where the turf owner wants a low input, low maintenance choice - especially if the grass can be left to grow naturally with only occasional mowing. Buffalograss does go dormant in winter before bermuda, and should not be overseeded.

Available at garden centers in the low desert as seeded varieties or as sod - all perform similarly if properly planted & maintained.

Here is a link to a response on the arid_gardener list serve from a homeowner who has a lawn of buffalo grass.

Here is a link that might be useful: Buffalo Grass

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tcinmesa(z9 AZ Sunset 13)

thanks for the answer, its good to know,

however, I've got established bermuda (which I hate). how do I kill it, or will the buffalo grass choke it out.

in my experience, nothing kills bermuda. its like kudzu in the south, it's taking over the world (smile)

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" I've got established bermuda (which I hate). how do I kill it, or will the buffalo grass choke it out."

Buffalo grass can't compete with bremuda.

Roundup interferes with protein synthesis, so the faster the bermuda is growing, the better it works.

1. Buy some Roundup concentrate and a sprayer
2. Cut the bermuda short to get rid of any browned leaves
3. Water the Bermuda REALLY WELL to get it growing vigorously, and maybe even lightly fertilize it - let it get 3-4 inches high.
4. Mix up a batch of Roundup, following the directions for how much to use per gallon, adding 1 teaspoon of liquid soap (hand soap or baby shampoo or dish detergent for handwashing dishes) per gallon
5. Spray the bermuda carefully with a fairly coarse spray, wetting the whole plant.

6. Wait ... in a couple of days it should start looking sickly. Repeat the procedure from STEP 2, forcing it to grow out any stuff you haven't killed and spraying it again.

In HOT weather, with adequate water, it takes 3-4 applications to kill off the bermuda. You will be fighting stragglers for a couple of months - just keep after them with a hand-sprayer.

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What is the best type of buffalo grass for Mesa Arizaon? I am considering to get some Cody Buffalo Grass which seems to be the best seeded variety.

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