Det/Indet Toms - trellis/cages?

brownliMarch 29, 2009

I have planted a few indeterminate toms to be trellised and 'for now' have no questions on these toms.

But...I have also planted 3 det. type toms and am now fretting over how to manage these as they grow. I've planted one per sf without regard to any spacing/depth requirements for cage/staking. Additionally, my boxes have bottoms so I'm not able to 'secure' any structure within the soil in the boxes. That said, my bush toms are on the outer squares so I have the capability of securing something to the outer box or ground.

In poking around online (gardenweb), I've found options of a spiral type pole, a florida weave rig and then of course an abundance of cage options. My concern on the cage is that I have no way to secure it within the box, and my cage would have to be really small at 12" diam - actually a bit less.

So I guess I'm looking for advice on what could work to cage, trellis, tie, suspend - whatever - with these determinate toms.

Any help/advice will be so appreciated - and apologies if this info is right under my nose and missed.

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Melissa Houser

Brownli, If you've planted the tomatoes along the edges of your box, you could build a trellis using an upright stake on the outside of the box, attaching the trellis material to the stake.

Examples would be to use pipe in an upside down "U" with trellis material fastened to the trellis. If you look at the official SFG site, Mel has instructions for "his" trellis' there.

I have actually used 1 x 2 wood for my uprights and fastened large link horse-fencing to it as trellis. With a bit of kite string, tied very loosely around the plants, it made an excellent trellis. And, since I had the materials, my trellis was free.

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