October Roses

organicgardendreams(z 10)October 27, 2010

Here are some pics of roses that flowered this month in my garden. I don't get many rose blooms anymore at this time of the year so each and everyone is very treasured.

Hope you like them, too.

Jasmina. This one is new to me, another generous rose gift from Ingrid! I like the clusters of flowers that it is producing a lot. Unfortunately they fry very easily, so it doesn't seem to be the best choice for my climate. I will try to plant it in part shade and see what happens.

Pope John Paul II. Grows very well for me and produces gorgeous, large, very fragrant, white flowers in abundance. This rose seems to love the heat.

Hardy Geranium 'Rozanne'. The color is a little bit more lavender-blue in reality than the clear blue that my monitor is showing, but still I think it is a wonderful companion plant.

Captain Christy. An old Hybrid Tea ordered from Vintage Gardens. It got attacked by the rabbits twice, but it survived. This is the first fully developed bloom that I see on it. So far I like it very much.

This one came to me as a mislabeled rose. Most likely it is a Hybrid Tea. If you have any idea what it might be, please let me know.

Pretty Jessica. This rose does very well for me in my neck of the woods without me fussing over it. For sure a keeper!

Mister Lincoln. If you need a red rose to give to the very special person in your life, Mr. Lincoln will provide one for you. Easy to grow for me, reliable in the bloom production and it has the strong, intense, "full" rose fragrance that you would expect from a red rose!

Pink Pet. There is nothing to complain about this rose, but somehow it doesn't capture my heart. Maybe it will grow on me...

Memorial Day. Good HT with a very strong scent. Wont' be without it.

Mary Rose. I love the shape, color, and fragrance of this David Austin rose. I was growing it in Germany many years ago in a pot and I am so happy to finally have it back in my San Diego garden!

Thanks for looking!


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Your roses are gorgeous----thanks so much for this special treat---

I LOVE the raindrops ----they add a nice touch---

Great photography


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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

I think Florence has said it all for me too. Simply lovely. Jasmina looks quite beautiful although it's a much lighter pink than on the pictures I've seen. Still, it's so gratifying to see you grow this rose so well when it would do nothing for me.

It was so nice to see you posting pictures again.


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inga007(Ont. 6a)

Loved all your blooms, but mostly Mary Rose, loved the colour and form.

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organicgardendreams(z 10)

Thanks everyone for your nice comments!

Florence, I love rain drops on roses, too, not only for the look, but because it undeniably means it actually has rained in Southern California ;-)!

Ingrid, all the blooms of 'Jasmina' have been more on the pale pink site for me. Maybe it is the intense SoCa sun that does it?
I have set the intention to post photos more regular, again. Hope I can follow through. After all it is so nice to share your roses or at least the pics of them with people, who love them as much as you do and who "understand" :-)!

Inga, looks like we are on the same page with 'Mary Rose' :-). I assume, that you are in Ontario, Canada and I am wondering if this rose would be hardy enough for you so that you could grow it. If this is the case I think it is well worth it. Mine is own root and is a vigorous grower so far, but of course I am in a completely different climate zone.


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All of your roses are so, so pretty. I showed my 6 year old boy your roses and he thinks we should get one of each. I agree. Thank you for the pictures.

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Beautiful pictures, Christina. I love Jasmina especially!


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organicgardendreams(z 10)

Kitty, I really felt toughed by the imagination that you and your boy are looking at my roses together. Totally worth posting these photos :-)!

Thanks Masha! I do feel that in the right climate Jasmina could be a winner.


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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

I love the look of Mr. Lincoln with the rain drops!! Every drop is demarcated so perfectly. Really interesting photo!!

I love your Pretty Jessica. I would buy it in a heartbeat if I could find it here.



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jim1961 Zone 6a Central Pa.

Wow! Very nice pics!

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dove_song(WA State Z6b)

Lovely treasures, Christina!! Thanks! :O)


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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Your pink no id is lovely. Wonderful pictures.

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organicgardendreams(z 10)

Carol, I also find that somehow the rain drops on Mr. Lincoln turned out very nice on this photo. Pretty Jessica is a really good rose for me and I have read that it is relatively cold hardy. Hope you can find it somewhere and give it a try. It is truly one of my favorite roses in my garden.

Jim, I am glad that you like my photos!

Debbie, thanks for your encouraging comment!

Thanks, iris gal! My pink unidentified rose is really a mystery rose. She has the capability to produce flowers in a remarkable color range from cool dark pink, to the light pink that I posted and the last flower was almost white, with a light pink rim at the edge of the petals. Go figure! Maybe this habit will help identify her. I have to post pictures on the regular rose forum, maybe someone has an idea...


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You are very sweet. I'm hoping my love of roses will pass on to my children. I'm afraid though that sometimes they get sick of hearing about them.

I'll tell you where I'm thinking of getting my Pretty Jessica if, you tell me how you winter your potted roses. I guess I'd tell you anyway. They have her at Pickering. Please don't buy them all because I haven't ordered mine yet.

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Beautiful pix.

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Hi Kitty,

No, I haven't done any on-line ordering yet, and I probably won't ever. I just love going to nurseries and picking them out myself. Buth thank you!!!!

I don't know if I'm the best to tell you about overwintering roses, since most of mine died last year (lst overwintering). But I think I know what I did wrong.

1. Put the roses in the garage once the leaves have died.
2. Cut them back to 3 or 4 main canes.
3. Water really well
4. Place on sytrafoam sheets
5. Garage must not get below -7C. (I have an overheat heater)
6. Garage must cont get consistently above 10C.
7. Water about once a month.

Hope that helps.


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Beautiful rose blooms, and I love the geranium. I grow some of the cranesbill geraniums in my garden, as well, and really like them.

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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Absolutely lovely, so gorgeous Christina. Love the petal formations on every single one!

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organicgardendreams(z 10)

Kitty, I think there is a very good chance that your love of roses will rub off on your children! There are so many stories out there of adult gardeners remembering fondly spending time with their parents in the garden as a child, watch their parents gardening, and helping them.

Carol and Kitty, it is amazing to me through what kind of struggle you have to go to get your roses over the winter. Gardening seems to be so easy here in Southern California in comparison to what you have to work with.
I am curious did both of you get Pretty Jessica? It is such a lovely rose in my opinion.

Thanks, Paul!

Krista, thank you! I just have discovered hardy geraniums for my garden lately and still have to try out how they are doing here in the long run. They are so pretty. I really have high hopes that they will do well here, too.

Serena, good to see you posting again. You are right, rose petal formations are quite fascinating. They can be so different from rose to rose variety, which keeps rose growing interesting, but they are almost always perfect in roses!


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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

I finally am getting Pretty Jessica from Pickering. Really looking forward to it!!!

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