Time to plan funeral for baby Viburnum? Please help!

moremoremoreSeptember 1, 2009

OK...So I was a bad girl and planted viburnum spring boquet in mid summer. I was told that they would do fine in my almst full shade....I thought that I and my landscaper dug appropriate holes...

SO, they were going great and I water them EVERY day for a month and then every to every other day for a month. In month 3, OK, we went away for four days and it didn't rain at all...

I've started watering again but 3 of 13 shrubs are half brown and crunchy....I gve them some food as well.

Are they gone?

Also, does this mean tht I have to water every day still? In that case, they're dead meat bc I'm not doing this forever...

How long do I have to water every day?

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

Unless it was planted right in the root zone of a very thirsty tree, it should never need water everyday. It's entirely possible that you killed it with too much water. (Sorry to say.) Fertilizer when a plant is stressed is never a good idea either. If it's any comfort, I once killed a $125 Japanese maple that way. (Long term lesson, let me tell you.)

If I were you, I would back off the water pronto. Give it a good watering once a week if it doesn't get rain. Chances are very good that it's a goner, but there is a slight chance that it will make some new growth next spring. I wouldn't give up on it until then. Again, if you get rain, do NOT water more!

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