Some blooms

elemire(8)October 7, 2010

Here are a few shots on my moderns. :)


Climbing Elfe:

Perpetually Yours:

Indigoletta (Azubis):

Red Eden - the bugger balls in wet weather:

Sympathie - pretty much continuous bloomer for me.



Non- climbing:


Iris Webb:

Belle Epoque - so much better in cooler weather.

Hot chocolate:


Apricot Queen Elisabeth

Rhapsody in blue



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Beautiful photos!

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Love, love, love them all!! Oh they are soooooo pretty. I can't wait til my Suntan gets more than one bloom at a time. Mine is still super tiny. Your shot of Apricot Queen Elisabeth is yummy! Thanks for sharing, Judy

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Very beautiful. I love Nahema. Is it really truely fragrant? It is so prety and delicate, but I am afraid the blossoms would not last in my dry windy climate.
Bonita is great, too. They all are!

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flaurabunda(6a, Central IL)

Very, very beautiful! I believe I have found a Kordes rose in Osiria that I may get instead of Love. Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

How is the blooming power of Perpetually Yours compared to Sombreuil? Anyone know?

Iris Webb - neat color! What do you think of this rose?

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Thank you for the compliments. :)

Judy: Suntan is really nice, mine is nice compact bush now, not picky at all, healthy and blooms a lot.

Sandra: Yes, Nahema has rather strong old rose fragrance, rebloom is good too. The blooms are really lovely delicate pink and not that sensitive to elements, neither hot, neither wet. Bonita is also one of those indestructables, very nice foliage too.

flaurabunda: My Osiria requires a bit of pampering, but much of that may come from the fact that I got mine as bonus when buying bulbs, with rather matching "quality". I was sure she will die, but she clings on and bloomed quite a bit this year. It is a bit more of a florist rose rather than a garden one, but the blossoms are to die for and have very nice fruity fragrance. Very good vase life too.

iris_gal: mine are too small to compare mature plants, but so far Sombreuil has a bit more of small scattered clusters, when Perpetually yours has smaller blooms but more of them in the clusters. Also Perpetually Yours is more shrubby for me so far, when Sombreuil shoots long canes. Both are thorny, but Sombreuil is by far more vigorous. So it kind of depends how you want to train it and keep it. Also for moderate size light yellow-whitish climber Elfe beats them both by the long shot, less thorns, nicer habbit, better rebloom and bloom power, and absolutely clean foliage (to the point of being unreal clean).

I like Iris Webb, very nice fade, clean and blooms well without much pampering. She has a bit too much shade from some overgrown aster this year, but does not seem to be bothered about it. If you like the type, it is a must have.

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Wow! You have a lot of pretty roses. I assume that if your red Eden balls, than the other versions must too. I think, after seeing yours, I will have to try Rhapsody in Blue afterall.
Thanks for the pictures,

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I will have to see about the other Eden, mine still small and did not bloom this summer, but there is a chance, as with other many-petaled roses.

Rhapsody in Blue is nice, really rich color, tolerates some shade, but also grows quite big, so far she looks like half-climber in my garden.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Thenk you Elemire. I will have to see more pics of Elfe's blooms! Had my heart set on Sombreuil for a couple of years - when and if I had a spot.

I especially liked Iris Webb's odd color. Gorgeous capture of Hot Chocolate. And Bonita - what can I say? A must have for my garden! Hadn't heard of this rose. Beautiful.

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Bonita is nice and very bright in the garden - but does not cross the line where some roses start to look fake. I got her as a gift and was rather skeptical in the beginning, but it performs so well here that it is a sure keeper. It also makes me wish to try other roses in Renaissance collection, if they are as good as this one.

Since it came up, here is a pic of my Sombreuil for comparision:

It is a good rose and has a nice fragrance, so if you have space for it, by all means it is worth having. Also I have a feeling that it blooms better on the old/mature wood.

Here is also a pic of Iris Webb fade and bud stage, it is not a particularly good shot, but you should get an idea:

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Beautiful photos Elemire! I got IRIS WEBB from Cliff and it's still a little bitty thing, but I can't wait for it to get big! Love BELLE EPOQUE too. Mine is great anytime of the yr.

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double WOW. I am a sucker for white roses, and Elfe is knocking my socks off. I wonder how winter-hardy it is. Going to look it up on HMF.

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The fourth picture is very attractive.

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