Can anyone ID these?

tim4444September 20, 2008

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The second one looks like it could be japanese ligustrum. Can you give more details on the size, shape, location of these? Have you ever seen flowers on the first one?

Are these from the same plant?

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Thanks esh!

I believe you are exactly right on the second one being a japanese ligustrum. The pictures I see on the web match it exactly especially with the drupes. I have been trying to find out what it was for years as we have several in our front yard.

The other one that has the slightly red leaves with the new growth is another shrub that is growing nearby. I have not witnessed any drupes, berries, or seeds on any that we have although I believe that there were some present on a much larger one that we had that had to be taken down due to size (30-40 ft tall) and location. Mostly what we have now are the "saplings" from it that I am interested in making a formal hedge with. They are about 3 feet tall now and have grown that much just over the last 4 months. The clipping in the picture is from one that is more established and currently is a shrub with a 6 foot spread and 6 foot tall and growing. I will include a picture of it as well if that will help.

Thanks so much!!!

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Yeah, maybe it would help to see the other picture. Perhaps something in the habit of the plant will help.

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I have some of the first picture in my yard. At first I thought maybe it's a dogwood since there is a large dogwood about 20 feet from where I saw the first sprouting. I just grows entirely too fast for that! I cut it back 2 months ago and it's right back as tall again! I pulled up some of the roots and seems to be growing off of a large root system similar to that of wisteria. It's becoming something of a pest like wisteria, but I'd also like to know what it is so if it's a good plant I can relocate it!

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